Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Photo Gallery - Boys

Little Hill

I don't have much to do with boy but I have three main boys in my life that I love to bits. First one is my hubby who does everything for me and Little Miss P, who works his ass off for us and helps Little Miss P with music and playing the piano. I love watching them do that together, it's so sweet. 

The other two little boys are my nephews Master Hill and Little Hill. They are both full of life and a little crazy but that just runs in the family I think. It has been the boys' birthday over the last week and they had so much fun at their party so I thought I would just show you some photos of them looking cute. 

 There were so many people at their party and they got so many lovely gifts. I think my sister is finding it hard to fit them all in her house, bless her x

Mrs P

come and watch my  video of a fall on weekend of dance Competition 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Dance Competition

Hi Everyone 

Over the last four weekends I have been at a competition with Little Miss P. It's been fun but a little bit stressful as she has had a few group dances, two solos, one duet and one trio.

I think the most stressful thing is the getting ready, hoping that they do OK and remember their dance and if they don't just hope they don't start to cry. At one point that happened to us when Little Miss P went on for her song and dance. She started off so well, then someone had to walk out because their baby started to cry and for that split second she lost where she was at. But instead of crying she just kept going and that's all I could have hoped for. I gave her a big after and she was happy as she still got 4th place.

She had three group dances; ballet, song and tap... they got 2nd for tap and 1st for ballet but can't remember what they got for the song. She also did a ballet duet with her friend called Keili, they got 3rd I think. And she did a trio with her friends Sidney and Poppie and they came 1st.

With the trio we didn't really think it was going to be great as they were all over the place just before they went on, but on stage they were different children. They did so well, they knew all the moves, they worked well together, they were in time... OK, not in time all the time but the best that I have seen and they came 1st in the trio. I am so glad for them.

It's now all over and I am so glad. I will miss it in a way but am glad to have a few months off doing it. This weekend Little Miss P and I are going to watch a movie and have a little picnic at home, and stay in our PJs most of the weekend.

Mrs P

Friday, 20 March 2015

Spring Wish List

Hello and welcome to my Spring Wish List. I have never done one of these so I am going to give it a go, and see how I do.

1) This cute top, Next do it in four different colours. I like this as it will show my shoulder off but hide my tummy. I think I would get it in the Lilac colour though.

It's from Next, is £16 - £18 and comes in sizes 6-22.

2)  I have a thing about Pjs, I love them. When I am just at home I will put a pair on and just laze around the house. While looking around the Next website I came across this cute set, it says 'Stop, clear your mind and gaze at the stars'. Love it.
It comes in sizes 6-20.

3)  This time it's a bag, this cute Michael Kors bag features a classic design and is crafted from smooth luxurious leather. It features 18ct gold-plated hardware finish and two internal, one zipped, pockets. With ‘Michael Kors’ emblazoned on the bag and a metallic 'MK' logo charm.
This would look lovely hanging off my arm in the spring but for the price of it I can keep on dreaming about it. £240 for a bag, well it is in John Lewis.

4) And last of all this cute Weekly Planner. I love a bit of planning and love making to do lists and working out things. Give me a pen and paper and I would be happy sitting there all day doing lists and working out what I want to do in the future. And I have come across this Busy B Spotted Weekly Planner, each one includes 60 sheets (one for each week of the year, plus some extras), along with two handy magnets that allow you to easily display the week ahead for everyone to see. You can pick this up in John Lewis for £9.00.

Well that's my first little Spring wish list. I haven't looked around that much so I will be doing more at some point and was thinking about doing one for My little Lady, what I think she would like for Spring.


Mrs P
Here is a little video of the little lady herself when she was just a baby x

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Photo Gallery - Green

It's all about the Green this week.

We've been lucky and had a few days of lovely sunshine recently (although as I write this now, it's hiding somewhere). I am thinking about what to take a photo of as I don't really want to take a photo of the grass as that's the first thing that came to my head.

I just need to find something else Green and I don't know what. OK I will come back to this tonight and work it out.

I have found these, I bought them the other day to put in my scrapbook that I am doing with Little Miss P. They are called Project Life cards, I saw them online and then found them in store. I just love the colour of them and what I can do with them, it's just a lot of cuteness on a bit of paper. I will have to show you what I end up doing with them at some point.

All the cards are Green but different types of green... my favourite one is the one in the top right hand corner saying Spring Memories. It's just too cute.

I hope you enjoyed my little blog post today.

Mrs P

My Little Video on what's in my Dance Bag.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Book Review - A Brand New Me

A Brand New Me

Shari Low

This is a great book for people making New Year's resolutions and to only break them a few days later. It's based around a girl called Leni Lomond who isn't a risk taker. She likes what she likes and sticks with it. So on the 31st December she vows to change all that with a new job, new man and new life.

In less than a month she has fulfilled her first resolution by finding herself a new job with a TV Astrologer Zara Delta and her first job was to date men from every Zodiac sign.
As the year goes by she dates men from a wannabe Rockstar, overgrown teenager and a therapist called Craig. But when she's about to give up on her life, her fortunes take a turn.

I don't think this book is from an well known Author but I really enjoyed it. Her dates were hilarious and had me laughing out loud. I started this book after Christmas to get me out of the Christmas and New Year drudgery. The characters in the book are fantastic and very well written, even if some of the men are a little bit weird. I really enjoyed and will be getting some other books by Shari Low again.

Mrs P

I had Breakfast at The Shard for my Mummy's birthday. Why not take a look, 
it's free to do so x

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Photo Gallery - Mothers

It's that time again where we are doing the photo Gallery blog hop, and as it's Mother's Day coming up they have picked Mothers.

So here is a lovely photo of my Mummy and Me when it was her 50th Birthday a few weeks ago. My Mum means the world to me, she has always been there for me and my sister and would do anything to help us out. Even though sometimes it could get very annoying when we get a phone call every single day, but if I don't get a phone call now I think something's up.

I don't live far from my Mum so I see her at least once a week at the weekend and she loves taking Little Miss P to Horse Riding every two weeks. I love the fact Little Miss P is so close to her Nanny, she asks quite a lot to go and stay there the night at the weekend.

They say that a good Mum gets promoted to a Nanny and here are some of her Grandkids giving Nanny her main birthday gift... a trip with them to Disneyland Paris.

Mrs P

Here is little one's YouTube video... please go and check it out, it's free x

Monday, 9 March 2015

Mummy 50th @ Aqua Shard

My Mummy and I 

Hello my lovelies.
It was my mummy's 50th Birthday on 25th February so we had to do something a little bit special. My sister came up with breakfast at the Shard at 10am, so I could get back to get little one from school and so that my Auntie and Nanna could make it home without being stuck in theRush hour. Also my Stepdad was taking her out for dinner that night.

The Aqua Shard is located on level 31, so only about halfway up the Shard. But what amazing views you get over London. At first it was very overcast so the view was OK but not great, but as the breakfast went on the sun started to come out and the views over London got better and better. The lift going up and down felt a little but like the tower of terror at Disney with the speed it goes, but that is fun. I think it is anyway, lol.

The food was lovely. I got myself a cup of tea that really just tasted like any other cup of tea and my Mum, Nanna and Cousin got some orange juice, they said it was really lovely. I ordered a Sausage Sandwich as it said sandwich and I thought it would be nice bread, but it was in fact a ciabatta roll and a little bit messy to eat. Me trying to be a little posh went right out of the window after that as I had to use my hands. My Mum got poached eggs on toast I think but when she was halfway through she found a nice long Black/Brown hair in it. I know mistakes happen and we were fine with that, but no one said sorry until the very end of our meal (but I will go onto that in a min). I also got a Pain au Chocolat and that was really nice, nice and warm and it was just perfect really.

Staff & Atmosphere
The staff, well they were OK. I know it's a high class restaurant and they have to be to a standard but the staff and the manager don't even crack a smile. When my Mum found a hair in her food they should have asked if she wanted a different dish or the same dish again as some people would have been really turned off by it. Lucky for them my Mum wasn't and they are also lucky they didn't get my Sister or my Auntie. The manager should have been straight over to say sorry about it. but he just walked past and said nothing until the very end. But in the cocktail bar the staff were completely different, they where lovely, friendly and gave great service, even though there is just a rope between them and the others... a little crazy the difference from one to the other.

Mrs P