Thursday, 28 July 2016

School Report

The General Comment
As always the teachers has put it's been a pleasure having Summer in the class, and that she's a popular member of the class who gets on with all of her peers. Summer is very thoughtful and caring and will always go above and beyond to help her peers and teachers. She spends her breaks and lunch with her best friend.

She has made good progress throughout the year and is always eager to learn and impress others, but can sometimes lack confidence in work and needs reassuring. She enjoyed taking part in Choir and going to the Royal Albert Hall.

It's absolutely great, she only missed half a day of school throughout the whole year.

Before the next bit I will have to explain something first. You can get Emerging, Expected or Exceeding and you can get from A - C for Effort.
I know that Little Miss P needs to work on her English and Maths skills.

Emerging - Effort A

She has made less than expected progress this year in writing and is working below the expectation for her year group.  Her Target for over the summer is to check some spellings and punctuation errors.

Emerging - Effort A 

She could have made more progress this year and is currently working below the expectation for her age group. She can identify different themes in a range of books she reads and she knows a character set in a certain way because of how they are feeling. Her Target for the summer is to be aware that some words sound different to how they are spelt.

With Reading at her school they are put into groups by with reading a book then going to a computer and doing a test on the book they have just read. My problem with this is that some children do better on paper and not a computer and some children don't do well at tests. If she is anything like me I hated tests and always mucked them up.

Emerging - Effort  A

She could have made more progress in mathematics and is below the expectation for her year group. She can count in multiples of 4, 8, 50 and 100 and is able to find 10 or 100 more or less than a given number when working with money and measures. She can rapidly add and subtract numbers mentally including questions such as 762-7. Target, to find a fraction (such as 2/5 or 3/4 of a set of objects).

In Maths they are put again into groups by tests that happen every Monday morning. I think it's a mental maths test by a computer saying the questions and it's normally out of 15. Little Miss P tells me she normally gets 10 right, I don't think that's too bad really.

Expected - Effort A

She seems to enjoy Science and will mostly put her hand up to answer a question even if she's not 100% sure. She is always eager to learn more about science and has shown good progression by nearly always getting a higher mark in her end of term unit test.

These are the main subjects. All the other subjects I will put in a different blog post.

Mrs P

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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Only Three Days Left at School

Little Miss P only has three days left in year three and then she's off to year four.
Where has the time gone?
I thought I would do a post to see how much she has come on in the last school year.

Well I think she has come on a lot, her reading has got a lot better, the flow, her sounding out, difficult words... it seems to have just happened over the last three weeks and I think that's down to the one-on-one reading help that she's been having. I am not sure what reading scheme the school does but after they read a book they have to do a test on it on the computer. Then if that gets so many right they can go up a level. At the moment she's on blue, if that means anything to anyone.

Her writing is looking nice and neat now but she needs work on her spelling. So my aim is to do that over the summer holiday. With maths I think she's doing OK and she's about the right level that she needs to be at I think. As long as you can count, add and takeaway and know most of your times times your're doing alright, as that's what we really use in day-to-day life. I don't think Little Miss P wants to be a mathematician.

I think Little Miss P still needs to work on her confidence, she has a few friends at school but really she only plays with one of them and that's her best friend. I would like her to play with other kids other than just one of them. I wish they did encourage that in school but they don't.

I think overall she has had a great time in year three and has really enjoyed her time at school. It helps that she likes her teacher who she will miss. Just hope she likes her next teacher.

Mrs P

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Thursday, 7 July 2016

What I am loving at the moment

Here are my top five things of the moment. Other then my family that is. 

1) The Magicians
 On Channel five, called The Magicians. It's based on the bestselling books by Lev Grossman. It's a dark fantasy about a recent college Graduate Quentin Coldwater, who has a history of depression and has always longed to live in a magical world. He learns that Magic is real not just mesmerizing but also full of untold dangers. Life changes on the day of his Princeton University interview, when he finds the examiner dead and a hidden portal leading to the Brakebills College of Magical Pedagogy, where he is accepted as a student.

2) Notepad (my to do list)
I have this notepad where I write a to do list everyday only small ones, like do a blog post or a YouTube video and down to going to the post office to post something. It works and keeps me on track as to what I need to do.

3) The Miracle Morning 

I am in the middle of listing to this on Audible. I have read so many reviews on this I thought I would give it a go and so far it's good. It's a self help book and they have some great views that I might take and put in my life, but not all. I will do a review once I have listened to all of it.

4) Bows
I really enjoy making bows at the moment for my daughter. It is very relaxing and they also look cute on her. Some of her friends have asked if I can make them some. I might but I will ask for a bit of money for them, only the cost price though.

5) Cleaning
Ok, not all cleaning, only hoovering the stairs at the moment as it looks really nice once it is done. It only lasts until little one gets home as she seems to get a lot of little bits of paper on it. And dirt.

That's what I am enjoying at the moment. Also I will not be posting a blog post on Monday at the moment as I will be doing a blog post everyday in August.

Mrs P

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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Reasons to be Cheerful

With all the talk about the EU and everyone being mean to each other about how they voted I thought I would do a Reasons to be Cheerful post. I don't normally do this type but I enjoy doing them so you may see more of these.

I will tell you five things that make me cheerful...

1)  My little family. We are all healthy and all working hard to make the best of what's going on in our lives. We try and eat together when we can. I get to hear my daughter read to me every night and we get to have family walks around the woods.

2) I am getting good at making bows. It all started off with Little Miss P asking for a bow like one of the girls from dancing. I looked online and how much they were and I got a bit of a shock at the price and thought I could make one myself. So I did and now a few of her friends and have asked me to make them one too.

3) Little Miss P is doing so well with her reading. She finds it a bit hard, but at school she is reading to someone everyday and it has helped her out so much, reading to someone different. I need her to read to more people other than me as it seems to help her. Also she has gone up a reading level.

4) The sun is out (26th June) just in case it's raining when you read this). It has been mean weather with lighting and lots of rain recently, but today it's been lovely with a little bit of a wind. Lovely.

5) I finally have my wedding photos on a disc. It's been a while (8ish years) and we had not got them , but now we have. All I have to do is work out which ones I want for my album.

If you're feeling down why don't you do one of these, it will make you feel better.

Mrs P

Monday, 27 June 2016

England is Divided

I am not going to say much about it really but I am going to say a few things that are controversial, so if you don't want to read it please don't.

Well it looks like that the UK has voted out and everyone seems to have gone a little crazy. So some people are in good mood (if you voted in) and some people have got in a really bad mood (if you voted out).

I think people on Facebook should stop being so rude and digging at each other. If the UK want to survive breaking out from the EU we have to work together to get the best deals.

That's one thing about politics, they just moan at each other and don't get things done, they act like kids wanting to get their own way and not think about anything else other if they are right or not. But I don't think that will change at all.

I think that people forget that we all apart of the same world and that we have to live with each other... moaning all the time will not help and putting it on Facebook it just a little bit pathetic.

I would ask what does everyone else think, but that could just cause an argument.
I have had my little moan now.

Make sure you enjoy your family and make the most of what you have. Just be happy and everything happens for a reason. So no need to stress out.

Mrs P

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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Bows Bows Bows

I have seen all these bows at the moment that the girls are wearing and Little Miss P asked if I can buy her one, so I looked around and there are so many on esty and they looked very cute.

But I thought I should be able to make one of them so I YouTube'd it and it looked like I should be able to with a little bit of practice. So I bought all the things that I needed like fabric and a glue gun, that's all I needed for it. So the initial outlay is quite small.

The joy I got when they came in the post and I saw how pretty the fabric is. I got right to trying to make one, and for my first time making one it was good. I did glue everywhere and cut it a bit wrong but I was proud of it.

But the thing is now that I have made loads and all different sizes they all look really cute. I might try and sell some as I have way too many now already and Little Miss P won't be able to wear the all.

My favourite ones are the big ones that look great on a headband and Little Miss P loves wearing them. The tiny ones are so cute and I think they would work well on paper craft projects like on wrapping paper at Christmas or Birthdays.

I have ordered some more fabric so I can make some more, they look really cute and I enjoy making them but I just have to find a way of selling some now as my house will be full of bows and I don't think the Hubby will be impressed with that.

Mrs P

Thursday, 16 June 2016

A Weekend of Drinking

I don't normally drink but this weekend I got asked if I fancied going down the pub for drink. It was a mum from dancing and her mates so I thought why not. And as I am trying to step out of my comfort zone I said yes. I only went for two drinks as I had a 40th Birthday to go to the next night.

But while I was at the Pub I had two double malibu and cokes, they were very nice and it was great to be around people that I don't normally hang around with.

The next one was the 40th birthday do. I was only planning to stay for a few hours as I had Little Miss P with me but that did not happen. When I got there a few of the other mums from my daughter's class were already there and slightly drunk. I got myself a rose spritzer and Little Miss P got herself a capri sun. I am not sure what the other ladies were drinking. Little Miss P found a friend to play with, a boy from the other class. They seemed to get along and were playing on the bouncy castle together as well as the swing.

It did start to pour down at one point but the kids were happily playing in the rain though. After about 30 mins Little Miss P came running to say can I go home and get her PJs as she was wet through and as I live only 5 mins away I got her PJs for her. I rang Mr P to ask him to get them ready for me so I could just get them and go again and that's what I did. But by the time I got back everyone seemed to be a lot more drunk. It was so funny to see.

At about 10.30 I rang Mr P to come and collect Little Miss P for me as she was getting tired and I didn't really want to walk home with her late at night.

I had a great night there, it was a really nice time and very funny. I got home at just before midnight and didn't end up waking up until 11am. By the time I got home Little Miss P was fast asleep in my bed. I think she had a good time too.

Mrs P

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