Thursday, 29 September 2016

That time again, dance competitions

Oh the joy of dance competitions again, where we spend a small fortune on her 20 minute slots to get them down. Not to mention the cost of some of the dance outfits. And when she does the dance practice she does not look happy, she looks like she's having the worst time but I think that's just her concentrating. I am still not sure if she likes it but I know she likes dancing when she's in her class. I think it may be a different matter for the competitions. I have asked her so many times if she wants to do them and she always says yes. 

Next year she has said that she wants to do less, so I think next time she will do just one dance solo, one song and the group dance. From a purely selfish it takes up so much time in October as it's every weekend all the way in Canvey Island, which is not close, it's about 45 mins away. So it is a whole day when she has them on.

As I write this I am sitting in one of her rehearsals and some of the bigger girls (I mean older girlies) are brilliant. I am watching two of the older girls and they are so in time and a little funny to watch really... not in a bad way, in a really good way. The girls are so nice as well so I hope they get in the top 3. I want to say that about Little Miss P but her sections are so big with about 20 different girls in them so I don't think she will get in the top 3. But who knows, she might surprise me. I would love her to as it would build her confidence. We will have to wait and see.

Mrs P

He is one of my little Video If you fancy a watch

Monday, 26 September 2016

Back into a Routine

It's that time where we have to get back into a routine, with Little Miss P going back to school, me going back to work and dancing lessons back on for the little lady. I think I need to get into a better routine though and start to write my day-to-day list.

I really need to start my routine in a different way so I have been looking up what people do and watching people's YouTube videos. I have found a few that have inspired me and a lot of the ones I like are all to do with self help. OK I know what some of you are thinking, and I know what some of my family may be thinking if they read this, she has gone a little mad, but I will explore this and see where it can take me. I'm going to look into this in more detail.

I have set up a little sheet for Little Miss P and what we are planning to do on each day of the week. Little things like reading her school book and when dancing lessons are. I think she is better at visualising things so I hope that this will help her out and it also helps me out and keeps me on track with what's going on.

Let's see how quickly I can back into a routine. This all starts on the 12th September.

Mrs P

Thursday, 22 September 2016

The difference between boys and girls

 At the moment I am staying at my sister's house and she has two boys, one of which is six and one of which is two, and of course my little lady who is now eight. They are very different I think boys and girls... well at this younger age they are.

Little Miss P is calm and is happy on her own, normally doing what I ask of her. She might need to be asked a few times though. But the boys are in a league of their own. Don't get me wrong they are lovely and I can get some great hugs from them, but wow they are hard work. They like to push each other over and you have to tell them about 10 times, but they still don't listen.

Also the boys have no fear of going head first in the pool and just running into things. I asked my sister what she thinks is the main difference and she said that it's that they just don't stop, they go all day whereas Little Miss P will have a little bit of chill out time now and then.

Hope you all had a lovely day. And let me know what you think?

Mrs P

Monday, 19 September 2016

Starting the Fun - Business #1

If you are reading this blog post and haven't read what I've always wanted then go and check that one out first as you might understand more.

So I have been thinking about things to sell on eBay and I have made a bit of money, not much only about £10. I have bought some fabric with that money that I have then sold on and that seems to be working so far, so I have bought some more. At the moment I am -£0.13 but that's due to me waiting for some fabric to come in the post to sell on. I missed the delivery so it's now waiting for me to pick it up at the post office.

I have found a website for creating online shops for free called freewebstore that my sister-in-law uses for her website Little Dolly Clothes Shop. She seems to be doing well with it and she's great at sewing, so that is perfect for her.

I don't want to make loads and loads of money (well it would be nice but not a need), it's just to live a happy and comfortable life where the hubby and I can take the summer holidays off and go travelling as a family... that would be great (even if it's just a dream at the moment).

I will let you know how the next month goes in the next business blog.

Mrs P

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

I Have Done It

I can't believe I have done it, I have blogged every single day in August. I find that a little bit crazy really. But I have to say I don't think I'll be doing that again. Towards the end I was finding it really hard to think what to write about so some of the blog posts at the end may have been a little bit weird.

feel like my blog may need to take a different direction just a little a bit and be a bit more creative.  I would like to get at least two weeks ahead on my blogs and have a few for when I really can't think of anything (does anyone do that?).

I think I have said before that I would like to do some more fashion type blogs and some home style blogs. So once Little Miss P is back at school I want to start working on my Christmas blogs and January 2017 blogs... I think that would give me a great to start to the year. 

I also want to do this with my YouTube. I haven't done anything for the past month with YouTube, I just wanted to spend time with Little Miss P and work out where I would like YouTube to go. I have been watching a few channels to see what I like watching myself and what I would like to watch myself. I have written a little list about what sort of things I would like to do, but that will be in a different blog post.

I will be holding a giveaway soon once I have worked out how to do it, lol. Hoping to do that at the end of September.

Mrs P

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Things I have been loving - August

August is a great time of year for me as it's mine and Little Miss P's birthdays so I have quite a few favourites this month. Well more than four anyway.

1) First up is my new baby, my pink sewing machine - I haven't been playing with it as much as I would like but once Little Miss P is back at school I will be on it most days.

2) Pop Tarts - I got loads of Pop Tarts for my birthday, I mainly got chocolate but also got cookie and cream ones. They are all lovely and I only get Pop Tarts as a special treat as if I eat lots of them I will probably get to the size of a house. 

3) Playdoh - I know this is a bit of a weird one but Little Miss P got some for her birthday and I have been playing it with her and I find it a lot fun, I find it quite therapeutic. I kind of just go into another world. We made a funfair scene and other ones too.

4) My Disney Primark Pumps - They are a lovely grey and  have Mickey Mouse heads all over them and they are so cute and really comfortable. I have worn them most of August as they go with most of my outfits. And I love Disney things.

5) Note Pads - I love writing things down as it keeps me on track with what I need to do on a day-to-day basis. It just helps me keep track on life and the things that I am working towards.

So there you go, my five things that I am loving at the moment.

Mrs P

Monday, 29 August 2016

Reasons to be Cheerful #4

1) I am going to be an Auntie again, woohoo my stepsister is pregnant with baby number three due on the 8th March

2) I am spending some lovely quality sister time at my sister's house with Little Miss P and my sister's two boys... and so far they are being really good

3) We are going on a few small UK adventures still to come this year, one of them we are off to Center Parcs and the other one we will be off to Kessingland

4) We paid off some extra mortgage for the house, it feels so nice to do that once in a while

Mrs P