Saturday, 30 April 2011

Easter fun

Summer and Daddy (Ewan)

Hi everyone hope you had a great easter, We did it was filled of fun and seeing the family, it helped that my husband had five days off in a row and that never happens. The fun started on St Georges Day. and we went to the museum of childhood in Bethnal Green. It was celebrating St Georges Day, and easter. even though my husband had a gig there that day with Becontree brass band. Me and summer had great fun with making flags, easter bonnets, easter baskets and to top it all off summer decorated a chocolate in the shape of an egg. She loved it so much that we did it again that was £10 down the pan, so this time she did one for daddy. Daddy loved it as always, we had a very tired girly that night but it didnt stop her joining us until 10pm with the BBQ in the garden with Andy, Leesa and next door niehbour tony (who's about 87 in age) it was only a few people as wanted to try out the new BBQ before our birthday party. it was a fun night we had wine and chats and a very funny story that tony told us... but that all i can say on here.

Summer with her easter egg she made

Summer watching daddy and the band playing
   it's easter day and it was off to see some of the family today. first it was off to see my nanna and auntie tanya where summer loves going to, when summer gets to her great nanna's house the first thing she does is to go and find the toys. Then she went to feed the rabbits puddle and breeze. we were only there for about an hour coz we had to get to my sister in law's house for the easter party. where there was an easter egg hunt and party food and games and the best thing for summer is to see emily and adam (her cousins) as for me it's nice just being able to chill out in the garden and play with my brother in law's ipad (that i did for 2 hours). i really want one but i am going to have to save up for one first, we all got loads of easter eggs and all had a lot of fun so thank you Angie and James for a good day.
  The next two days were chilling out at home and doing a bit of shopping but as always that didn't happen to plan. well the chilling at home did and the shopping but not as i planned, we when shopping to buy a few new things for all of us like a new laptop for me, new jeans and shorts for me and hubby summer got a new toy, pjs and skirt. so all good on that front until summer was sick in ikea. lucky she waited until she was in the loo, but she couldnt hold it in, in mothercare and was sick all over the floor. lucky she didn't get it all over the toys. i have to say the staff were not very good while my husband took summer to the loo while i waited for the staff to clean it up. Summer is doing fine now it was just a 24 hour bug and touch wood Ewan and i don't get it. x 

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

She knows her own mind and she only two

My daughter Summer is a bright child well she knows her own mind already. She knows what she likes and what she does not like, some of the time it's cute but other times i think that she's growing up way too fast,
she likes to pick her own clothes out in the morning,  she loves shoes and when i was going to take a photo of her, she said 'no mummy i need to wash my hair' if you know me you know that she doesn't get it from me. i am the kind of girl that think people should take you as you are, but summer comes out with what  a 16 year old would be saying,  is it me becoming an old person because at the age of two i dont think i was like that. or is it that the times have changed . 

Monday, 18 April 2011

I hate the word housewife

When people hear the word housewife all they think is that you look after the house and your child, that's not the only thing a housewife does and its not an easy job, you wake up three or four times a night because little one's wet the bed so you're half asleep changing the bed, then up at 7am to start the day with washing etc making lunch, not getting any time to yourself, then when little one goes to bed you might get an hour to yourself before bed, and in that hour all you want to do is sit and watch some crap telly.
 Now that my daughter starts nursery in september i am going to look for a part time job to fit around her, not to sure what i will find but i am guessing not much out there at the mo.
 one thing that i am looking forward to is starting an at home open university course in june,  to get my brain going again, I still have a bit of muumy brain. So hoping this will get me working towards my goals in life. Only time will tell. x

Sunday, 17 April 2011

My first day as being a blogger

Well hi everyone , I am not really sure how the blog world works yet, so I have been looking at other peoples to get some ideas, and I have to say I’ve see some great ones. About travel. And being a yummy mummy etc, but I am going to stick with what I know best my day to day life the ups and downs & working towards what I want in life, my hopes , dreams, fears , my list. I think everyone should have these thing written down somewhere, oh and my to do list before I die. As you may be able to tell already I like to make lists.
  As you can see i called this EN4T due to that i have a website - nothing on there at the moment, still working on it. Soon this blog will be on there with more about me and my dreams, fears and lists

More about me
  As I said I live in Essex but I am not like the girls from the only way is Essex. I dont have fake boobs I am very happy with my b’s size boobs thank you, and I don’t get a fake tan done, I have been to faces nightclub, and I do go to the spa when I get time that's not often tho.
I have a lovely husband Ewan and a nutter for a daughter Summer, I live in a 3 bed house in chigwell not the rich part,  i have blue eyes and blond/brown hair. I have One sister one step sister and one step brother, my mum and step dad. I am the younger one out of the four of us, I love my family to bits even tho we don't always get along, but i am guessing that's what happens with most families. I don't wish to have any more children  one is all i am having. Summer is going to be a handful i can tell already.