Monday, 18 April 2011

I hate the word housewife

When people hear the word housewife all they think is that you look after the house and your child, that's not the only thing a housewife does and its not an easy job, you wake up three or four times a night because little one's wet the bed so you're half asleep changing the bed, then up at 7am to start the day with washing etc making lunch, not getting any time to yourself, then when little one goes to bed you might get an hour to yourself before bed, and in that hour all you want to do is sit and watch some crap telly.
 Now that my daughter starts nursery in september i am going to look for a part time job to fit around her, not to sure what i will find but i am guessing not much out there at the mo.
 one thing that i am looking forward to is starting an at home open university course in june,  to get my brain going again, I still have a bit of muumy brain. So hoping this will get me working towards my goals in life. Only time will tell. x

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