Sunday, 17 April 2011

My first day as being a blogger

Well hi everyone , I am not really sure how the blog world works yet, so I have been looking at other peoples to get some ideas, and I have to say I’ve see some great ones. About travel. And being a yummy mummy etc, but I am going to stick with what I know best my day to day life the ups and downs & working towards what I want in life, my hopes , dreams, fears , my list. I think everyone should have these thing written down somewhere, oh and my to do list before I die. As you may be able to tell already I like to make lists.
  As you can see i called this EN4T due to that i have a website - nothing on there at the moment, still working on it. Soon this blog will be on there with more about me and my dreams, fears and lists

More about me
  As I said I live in Essex but I am not like the girls from the only way is Essex. I dont have fake boobs I am very happy with my b’s size boobs thank you, and I don’t get a fake tan done, I have been to faces nightclub, and I do go to the spa when I get time that's not often tho.
I have a lovely husband Ewan and a nutter for a daughter Summer, I live in a 3 bed house in chigwell not the rich part,  i have blue eyes and blond/brown hair. I have One sister one step sister and one step brother, my mum and step dad. I am the younger one out of the four of us, I love my family to bits even tho we don't always get along, but i am guessing that's what happens with most families. I don't wish to have any more children  one is all i am having. Summer is going to be a handful i can tell already.

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  1. Hey Nicki! Love it "a nutter for a daughter" Bless her little cotton socks- that's my niece you know! lol. Have fun blogging! xxx