Monday, 9 May 2011

Looking back

Summer at 2 days old

Looking back at old photos of Summer when she was first born. she looks so sweet and innocent. she still is sweet but not as innocent as she used to be. More sweet and cheeky now and she knows it. The main thing i miss about Summer when she was a baby is the smell of her. i can't put it into words the smell. But it was the best smell ever. And the hugs that you get you could sit and hold her for hours and hours. there are plenty of things that i dont miss, feeding every few hours, being very sore all over and not having much sleep. I still don't get much sleep as Summer doesn't give me much still. But i wouldn't change her for the world. Love you Summer x

Summer with Daddy & Summer with mummy (me)

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  1. Aww Nicki how sweet. Think we all feel like that about our kiddies... look at my big baby- about to become a teen! Just enjoy every minute, well thats what everyone always says lol. btw, nice pics ;oP xxx