Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Why is it so hard to plan a day out without Summer coming along ?

It's nice to get a bit of time on my own. So when my mate asked me if i wanted to go to alton towers i jumped at the chance to go and let my hair down and scream on a few rides. The only down side to that was it's on a thusrday, and everyone i know works, lucky for my mate her son goes to her mum's house. But for me not so lucky,  at first my husband was going to try and get thursday off instead of Wednesday but the person he needed to change could not. My sister jayne could but her little boy has been sick for the past week, so no alton towers for me. It's just too much assing around to find someone and it's not fair on my mate because she needs to find someone else to go with. well looks like thursday is going to be another boring day at home. oh well at least i get to save a bit of money and everything happens for a reason. well I hope it's a good reason then because i am kind of pissed off. x

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  1. Hey thanks for dropping by my blog, im now following yours :)
    Sorry about your trip, I can't remember the last time I could jump at the chance to do something, especially something like Alton Towers! Nice blog x