Wednesday, 29 June 2011

what's the point of putting your child's name down?

I put Summer's name down for pre-school at manford way primary school and i did it on her 2nd birthday when they said to. So the other day i rang to see if she got a place, and it was a no as her birthday is in august and it's full with people born before her. Ok, if people put their kids name down when it was there kids birthday that's fine, but it does not work like that. So if you rang up the school in june and your child was born in April you got in because the child was born in April. Even tho i have been on the list for a year.  The funny thing is that i had to ring up and find out i wasn't going to get a letter, so if i left it any later i might have not even got her a place in nursery. I still haven't got her a place but i have been to see four nurseries to look around today and Summer really likes the look of Busy bees pre-school. So i have filled out the registration form and am going to hand it in tmo. Here's to hoping that she gets into it. x

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Daddys day

Happy Daddy's day to all you dads out there, I would like to wish my step-dad Ian a happy fathers day and  Mr P a great daddys day,

Mr P

Friday, 17 June 2011

bingo !

Yes i am 25 years old and i go to bingo lol, it's just a funny night out with a mate and time to myself without Summer and Mr P. It's only £2 for the nite and you could win £1,000 - i haven't won anything yet but this will be only my fourth time going so still hoping to win something... even if it's £5 it'd be nice...

The funny thing about Bingo is that people get sooo into it and if you talk while the numbers are being called out you get told to shut-up. last week two people started having a big bust up calling each other bitches and a few other words. It's funny, it started off with Carlie, her cousin Lauren and me, and every week a few more people join us! Maybe we are starting a new trend! OK, maybe not but you never know x

Mrs P x
 so far it's not 'be lucky' to me :0(

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A date with mr P

Well last nite me and mr P had a date, we don't usually get to do this as we need to find a babysitter for Summer. So i asked my mum to have her for a few hours and she said of course. so we dropped little miss P off at her nanny's house and off we went to see The Hangover Part 2, via going to get some sweets and a drink as it costs so much in the movies. the tickets cost a lot to at £7.75 each, now i remember why i don't go to the movies a lot and i just wait to buy them on dvd.
 The hangover was great. i liked it better then the first one very funny and looking at Bradley Cooper on a big screen well put it this way yummy, the rest of the cast seem to work really well together and all are funny in their own way. At the end you see mike tyson singing, well he was trying to bless him.  but overall great film, very funny a tiny bit rude and can't wait to buy it on dvd.

Bradley Cooper Yummy

Saturday, 4 June 2011


   i love cbeebies but it does drives me mad sometimes there only so much i can take, ceebies is great for two years old but not a 24 year old,  Summer does love it tho and that whats counts really. It has help summer out with her specking and counting. and it does help if i want 5mins to myself. So thank you ceeebie. x

Summer five best ceebies shows
little charley bear
timmy time
Driver dan story train
3rd & brid