Friday, 17 June 2011

bingo !

Yes i am 25 years old and i go to bingo lol, it's just a funny night out with a mate and time to myself without Summer and Mr P. It's only £2 for the nite and you could win £1,000 - i haven't won anything yet but this will be only my fourth time going so still hoping to win something... even if it's £5 it'd be nice...

The funny thing about Bingo is that people get sooo into it and if you talk while the numbers are being called out you get told to shut-up. last week two people started having a big bust up calling each other bitches and a few other words. It's funny, it started off with Carlie, her cousin Lauren and me, and every week a few more people join us! Maybe we are starting a new trend! OK, maybe not but you never know x

Mrs P x
 so far it's not 'be lucky' to me :0(

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