Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A date with mr P

Well last nite me and mr P had a date, we don't usually get to do this as we need to find a babysitter for Summer. So i asked my mum to have her for a few hours and she said of course. so we dropped little miss P off at her nanny's house and off we went to see The Hangover Part 2, via going to get some sweets and a drink as it costs so much in the movies. the tickets cost a lot to at £7.75 each, now i remember why i don't go to the movies a lot and i just wait to buy them on dvd.
 The hangover was great. i liked it better then the first one very funny and looking at Bradley Cooper on a big screen well put it this way yummy, the rest of the cast seem to work really well together and all are funny in their own way. At the end you see mike tyson singing, well he was trying to bless him.  but overall great film, very funny a tiny bit rude and can't wait to buy it on dvd.

Bradley Cooper Yummy

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