Wednesday, 29 June 2011

what's the point of putting your child's name down?

I put Summer's name down for pre-school at manford way primary school and i did it on her 2nd birthday when they said to. So the other day i rang to see if she got a place, and it was a no as her birthday is in august and it's full with people born before her. Ok, if people put their kids name down when it was there kids birthday that's fine, but it does not work like that. So if you rang up the school in june and your child was born in April you got in because the child was born in April. Even tho i have been on the list for a year.  The funny thing is that i had to ring up and find out i wasn't going to get a letter, so if i left it any later i might have not even got her a place in nursery. I still haven't got her a place but i have been to see four nurseries to look around today and Summer really likes the look of Busy bees pre-school. So i have filled out the registration form and am going to hand it in tmo. Here's to hoping that she gets into it. x

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