Sunday, 17 July 2011

Dear So and So

Dear Little Miss P
 Please go to sleep when i tell you to at 7pm and not keep yourself up until 10.30pm
Love you always x

Dear Primark
 I don't go to see you that often but when i do i can't stand you - you are always messy, i have to queue for what seems like an hour and the heart on my new pjs has already started to come off. 
Sort yourself out Primark

Dear Tesco online food shopping
 When you haven't got honey gammon in stock and try to give me beef instead it's going to be a no, you could have given me a different kind of gammon.
Use your brain Tesco

Dear downstairs front room light,
 Why oh why did you have to blow up on me. now thanks to you i have to go and buy a whole new light and you have only been with us for three years.
I will miss you very much tho x

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