Monday, 18 July 2011

Disneyland Paris

Little Miss P and me at Disneyland Paris

I have been to a few places on holiday. the best place i have been is Disneyland Paris with my little family. i loved it and so did the whole family. It's not just magic for kids, it's magic for the grown-ups as well. As soon as we saw the Disney castle we were happy and couldn't wait to go on a Disney adventure. The best thing for me was having dinner with the Disney characters (yes i know, i am a big kid). Little Miss P didn't enjoy it that much as the characters where a bit, well, very big to a two-year old.

The best bit for Little Miss P and Mr P was the wild west show we went to for Mr P's birthday, and i wasn't sure if summer would like it as it was loud and dark. How wrong was i! Little Miss P loved it with horses & buffalo and cowboys Mickey and Minnie. As soon as Summer saw the horse her eyes lit up and a big smile so as soon as i saw that i know she'd be OK. Mr P loved it too. if any of you are off to Disney soon, go to it because you will love it. By the end of the show on the way back to the hotel Little Miss P fell a sleep it was great fun but a very late nite for her.

The last day in Paris we went to a shopping centre to have a bit of a look around and a chill out before back to find the ferry.

Eeyore and me                                                   me  


Little Miss P

At the wild west show


The disney car show

And some more fun

We all had so much fun and can't wait to go back next year
Bring on Disneyland Paris 2012 x
Love Mrs P



  1. Looks like you guys had a fantastic time at DLP. We went at the end of March and had a blast too. Cafe Mickey was a definite highlight, and Little Moo was totally taken in by it all. When we ask her now where she wants to go on holiday next time she always says "Disneyland!!"
    (found you through Blow Your Own Bloghorn BTW)

  2. cafe mickey was great, just read your blog and loved it and have now added you, cant wait to read more of your blog.

  3. I better not let my children see those photos. They are mad looking to go to eurodisney. Love all the pics, the one with Stitch is my favourite.