Monday, 25 July 2011

My little Princess

My Little Princess

Summer went to a princess party and she was so exited about it. As soon as she put her dress on, her face lit up and wanted to get going... she asked me to put a bit of mummy's gloss (vaseline) on her lips! So i put her vaseline on and off we went to Kids Space in Romford  for the princess party. As soon as we were in Kids Space, Summer went running off to play, with her hair flowing behind her as she held up her tiara.

At the party you get 30mins of playing then into the hall for pass the parcel and running around like a monkey. she won some sweets, and then the face painting came out. she was so good getting her face painted then said 'mummy my face is dirty can i have a wipe', so i said 'Sums, it's just been painted, you look really pretty' and showed her in the mirror. as Summer is Summer and hates being dirty, her come back was 'mummy it's still dirty, i need a wipe get it off ' and she started to get really upset by it. so the face paint lasted all of 5mins, but she soon forgot about her face being painted because it was time for food. Summer does love her food. As food ended we went off home. as little Miss P was tired she was asleep before we got on the bus. At least i could sit and read my mag in peace. x

Little Miss P fast asleep

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