Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Party Time x

The P family having fun

On July 31st at 12.30pm it was birthday party time for Little Miss P (3rd August), Mr P (21st September) and me (5th August).  As our birthdays are so close we had a joint party and what a weekend we picked! the sun was out, the wine was flowing and the BBQ was on, we had about 55 people. all the kids were on the bouncy castle and some of the adults too. I didn't see little Miss P for most of the day as she was having so much fun with her cousins. The only time i saw her was when it was birthday cake time.

 Thank you to all my family and friends who came to join in. hope you all had a great time x
and a big thank you to Angie Woolfall who took the photos x

Little Miss P's Timmy Time cake
Time out
Stick the horn on the unicorn
The Cakes
Little Miss P
Play time
My Cake
Time to blow out the candles
Here we go
Play time with Mr P
The fire pit
Little Woolfall reading Little Miss P a story
Thank you for my gift
Dance off
I love my pressie
Roasting mallows
My little family
Little miss P loves her cake
Little miss P
A very tired little miss P with her nanny
Yummy mallows


  1. Love the cakes - not surprised your daughter came back for them. They look delicious.