Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tuesday Ten post:

Tuesday Ten post:
 Ten thing i want to do in life

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1) Go on an African safari
I would love to do this with my family but we are waiting for Little Miss P is seven years old so that she can enjoy it to.

2) Pay off my mortgage
i am gussing everyone would love to do that.

3)  See the northern lights
Alway wanted to do this

4) Help my family in any way possible
my family are my world, and i love them to bits  and would do anythink for them

5) ) Jump out of a plane
My sister is doing this in october i am hopeing to try it next year

6) Give Blood
 I always say i am going to do this but never get round to it.

7)  Go to New York
on a shopping girly holiday

8) Go on a cruise
just so i can feel posh for a few day lol :0)

9) See Little Miss P get married
to the man of her dreams i have a few years to wait yet.

10) Run my own business
 Would love to run my own shop one day.

 I hope you all like my tuesday ten post. x

Mrs P


  1. Love your post!! You will LOVE cruising once you go...and will be addicted....maybe! It is fun and for what you pay....the best way to vacation! I would love to do the New York shopping trip....but I have no desire to cross the Atlantic in a plane ever again :)

  2. Hey! Stopping in from Miss Mommy. I'm a new follower. Get that business going and you'll see the other dreams fall into place...that's some crazy awesome incentive! ;)

  3. I would love to go on a cruise, I just can't talk the hubby into it!

  4. Love this post :)
    Thanks for linking up :) xx

  5. I love your list! And the photos make your list so vivid and fun to read. :-)

  6. Hi there - I have always wanted to go on a safari as well. I'm following from the weekend hop. Glad to have found you.


  7. I actually think I remember reading this last year! I have been thinking us bloggers should have an upcycle month to share again posts that we are proud of but perhaps didn't get that many readers because they were written in the early days, what do you think?

  8. i think it sound like good idea i would love that it be great to show our old post,