Sunday, 9 October 2011

Center Parcs 2011

Center Parcs 

I love Center Parcs, i have been going every year since i was three years old with my family, and as we have got older, married with kids, so it has grown every year.

i did really enjoy it when i was younger but now with everyone coming, with husbands, boyfriends and girlfriends & kids it's just too much. It's not a holiday any more it's more just 'do this do that' at the time things are booked for, with people getting stressed about who's going and what to do after. My little family and i did get away from the crowd a bit and did out own thing - that was the best part of the holiday for me. Oh, and Summer showing us her dance moves at the kids' disco. Next time i go i hope it's just my little family and maybe everyone could come down for the day - just the day tho coz i think that's all i can take :0)

The best part of Center Parcs for me is seeing Little Miss P having sooo much fun playing games at the disco, swimming and just running around being her. The best part for me is the Spa... oh how nice was that - no kids, just some time for me and chilling out reading a book and popping into a Spa room. I wish i could do that every week. Everyday would be good!

 Mum Henderson, Miss Henderson, Stepdad Henderson, and Little Miss P

 Little Miss P painting her plate

 Little Miss P at the Teddy Bears' picnic

 Liitle Miss P ready to go out on the boats

Little Miss P very proud of her face paints

 Little Miss P reading Little Man Hill and Mum Henderson a book


  1. it looks amazing! I'm drifting off into a self-indulgent reverie. time..ah bliss :-)

  2. I'm here via the Blow your Own Bloghorn.

    I adore Centre Parcs! My husband and I go on our own each year which is wonderful, but we also go as a clan every few of years.

    I think there were 13 of us on the last trip, ranging from a few months up to sixty years old, but I still find it relaxing. But then we don't really book activities, so we can just head for the pool or take a wander whenever we feel like it. I'd definitely take a trip by yourselves, just to help you member what you love about it!

  3. I'm here via the Blow your Own Bloghorn.

    I've been to Centre Parcs just the once as an adult only affair for my friend's hen weekend and it was good...

    I'd love to take the family but it's awkward going Friday to Monday with school and the school holiday prices are crazy!

    Maybe next year...

  4. I am hoping to go back next year just the three of us, and just to go with the flow. If your not following me yet please do ta.

    and the prices for center Parce can be crazy.

  5. I love Center Parks but not been for a long time,nice photos :)

  6. Yet again another good review I hear for Center Parcs!

    I think I really need to take my family there next year, we have tried Haven and loved it, we have tried Park Resorts and it was the worst place I have ever been, left the following day.

    Glad you had a fab time :)