Monday, 28 November 2011

How much money would you need?

If you win the lotto how much do you need to win. If it was me i would like to win £1,000,000... that would pay off the mortgage £217,000 and help start up my business £300,000 and that leaves us £483,000 to spend on my family and have kept some just in case things don't go to plan. Well here's to winning some money on the lottery, even a £10 would be good.

 The most i've won is £10 and i have won that a few times but that's it. My mum and stepdad won £1,000 once I think. That's the most i know someone won.

 What's the most you won?

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Yes, I live in Essex


I live in Essex yes, but please don't call me an Essex girl. I have lived in Essex most of my life. I moved from Wanstead to Buckhurst Hill when I was 11 years old, then moved just down the road to Chigwell with Mr P.

So yes, I live in Essex, yes I like to hang out with my friends and yes I like to go to the spa. But no to getting a fake tan, and no to wearing lots of make-up, short skirts and high heels in whatever the weather. And that's what I am. I don't look like the average Essex Girl so now when you all watch The Only Way Is Essex just remember that not everyone in Essex looks like that. I am guessing (hoping) that all the cast are a nice bunch of people and that most - if not all - of it is made up.  

This is the closest to the Essex look I go - 
this was going to see the band The Script

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Christmas is on its way x

This chrismas i am planning to have everything done by the 1st December. Everything wrapped, cards done, tree up, so i can enjoy Christmas with my family and friends and not run around like a headless chicken in the shops! I have already got all of Little Miss P's pressies, and i have Mr P's pressie, so that's them sorted, just the rest of family now.

Little Miss P has started her Christmas list, but at this age it's so easy to help her pick things that you already got for her!! It's not mean - i hope people don't think it's me being mean - it's just helping Little Miss P pick what she wants and not just any old tat :-)

Little Miss P's Xmas list
Big Girl's Camera
Singing Ariel doll
Fossy Foo Book
 To see Disney On ice (done!) 
10 Disney dolls
Princess DVD
Bubble Bath
Carry case for Camera
Big girl's games
Doll's house

Mr P's Xmas list
New work Bag
Coffee machine
Disney on ice

My Xmas list
Disney on ice

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Wow, if only.

Oh wow if only after i had Little Miss P i looked like this!
This is Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom's wife showing off a perfect bod just seven months after giving birth to baby Flynn. What did she do to get her bod back to that? If only we could all do that, but hey i will just have to get used to my size 12 jelly belly. Even if it has been three years...

It can't be healthly for you after your body going through giving birth and only after seven months looking like your body hasn't even been thinking about having baby. With a tiny waist and a flat tummy, her boobs do look good tho, but that could be post baby boobs. In the real world most of us can't even think about going for a run - all we want is have a good night's sleep, a nice bath with a glass of wine and a bar of Galaxy. But hey, we don't need to show our body off at a fashion show. As long as you're happy in the body your'e in, who cares!