Thursday, 3 November 2011

Christmas is on its way x

This chrismas i am planning to have everything done by the 1st December. Everything wrapped, cards done, tree up, so i can enjoy Christmas with my family and friends and not run around like a headless chicken in the shops! I have already got all of Little Miss P's pressies, and i have Mr P's pressie, so that's them sorted, just the rest of family now.

Little Miss P has started her Christmas list, but at this age it's so easy to help her pick things that you already got for her!! It's not mean - i hope people don't think it's me being mean - it's just helping Little Miss P pick what she wants and not just any old tat :-)

Little Miss P's Xmas list
Big Girl's Camera
Singing Ariel doll
Fossy Foo Book
 To see Disney On ice (done!) 
10 Disney dolls
Princess DVD
Bubble Bath
Carry case for Camera
Big girl's games
Doll's house

Mr P's Xmas list
New work Bag
Coffee machine
Disney on ice

My Xmas list
Disney on ice

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