Monday, 28 November 2011

How much money would you need?

If you win the lotto how much do you need to win. If it was me i would like to win £1,000,000... that would pay off the mortgage £217,000 and help start up my business £300,000 and that leaves us £483,000 to spend on my family and have kept some just in case things don't go to plan. Well here's to winning some money on the lottery, even a £10 would be good.

 The most i've won is £10 and i have won that a few times but that's it. My mum and stepdad won £1,000 once I think. That's the most i know someone won.

 What's the most you won?


  1. I don't think I would want to win the lottery. I have thought about this before and really I would have to give it all away because I don't like having more than those around me do. Not to mention the lottery curse. I like my life, it a small one, a military family, but it is not complicated and I think big money brings big complication. Along the lines of your thinking though, maybe just 400k to buy a home when my husband retires and the rest to give to others.

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  2. We won brand new Prius at a church raffle!! and another time we won a week long stay for our family of 10 in a condo at Virgina beach...we are lucky for sure! pays to tithe..
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  3. If i won anything over a pound i think i'd spend my days in a coma rather than enjoying the money! Too much of a shock...
    Awk we can all wish ay, fingers crossed for your win :-)

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    (ps good to bump into fellow U.K blogger :-) )

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