Saturday, 24 December 2011

Is four too young?

Well, we put Little Miss P's name down for primary school. I was under the illusion that Primary school took two intakes a year - one in September and one in January, but not any more... just one intake a year and that's in September. But Little Miss P would have just turned four years old in August. To me that seems really young to go to school all day: at least if she started in January she'd be that little bit older and might understand it more. I know that doing one intake a year is a lot easier for the schools, but is it really the best for the children? Children have to be in education until they're 16 years old, so why do they have to start so young? Their childhood is taken from them so young.

 Sorry for my little rant but i have it out of my system now, so thanks for reading x

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Ten reasons why I love Winter.


1) Walking in the rain
 with Mr P

2) Halloween
I love seeing all the kids dressed up and having fun...
OK I know Halloween is not in the Winter but it says to me that Xmas is on its way

3) The cold
Suggling up on the sofa with a hot coco watching a film

4) Shopping
OK i love shopping all year round but when all the shops have their Xmas displays out it feels so good.

5) Christmas
What's not to love?

6) Seeing all the family at the same time

7) Walking and playing in the snow

8) The Christmas film Elf & Polar Express

9) Seeing Little Miss P on Chrismas Day open her pressies

10) Kissing under the misteloe x

What do you love about winter?...!/pages/The-life-of-Mrs-P/188097877911559

Friday, 16 December 2011

I now have a facebook page

I have now set up a facebook page of The life of Mrs P to get the word out so far on this blog. I have 31 followers and one of them is me. I do love you all to bits but would like a few more, i have people reading this in Germany and United States so let me know who you are and followe me please, so that i have a few more friends on here! Or join me on facebook at The life of Mrs P!/pages/The-life-of-Mrs-P/188097877911559?sk=wall. Let's hope i get some more people on this blog and facebook.

 love from
Mrs P
 X X X

Friday, 9 December 2011

Van Hage: Tea with Santa :-)

Little Miss P and I

We heard about Van Huge center last year from my sister, so this year my mum and I took Little Miss P and Mr Hill (my nephew) to have tea with Santa at Great Amwell. OH my i am glad i did - she loved it before we even got to sit down and eat tea she was excited. Seeing all the lights, waiting by the ice rink, watching people having fun and then falling over. Her face was like she had just stepped into a magical world.  

Once we got our seats for tea Little Miss P went straight for the muffin and the drink - she even got a sausage roll. Then who should walk in but Santa.. St Nick himself! She forgot all about the food and started clapping with a big smile in her face. Mr Hill was a bit scared so he went running to mum (their nanny). Now it was time for a sing song of Rudolf the red nose reindeer and jingle bells, and a game of Santa says, which Little Miss P didn't win.

Little Miss P was so sad when Santa left but he was only going to have a sit down. I said that we can go and see him in his house, so that made her happy. But first we were off to get Little Miss P's face painted - she kept changing her mind in the queue, first it was a snowman then a tree then stars but when the lady asked she said tree. Oh how proud she was and spent the next 5 mins in front of the mirror looking at herself! What a funny little moo she can be! For 5 mins i think she forgot about seeing Santa again until i said 'shall we go and find Santa now' and she ran to find him.

I didn't think she would go talk to him as she's sometimes a bit funny like that, but she did and she told him her name and what she wanted for Xmas - a singing doll and a princess game - she said she's been good... well she thinks she has as i have over opinions about that! Santa gave her a book and a badge. She had her photo taken and we went to go on the Carousel. Mr Hill seemed to enjoy that and Little Miss P loved it, she had a great day and she'll not forget it for a long time. She even keeps the book Santa gave her under her pillow so it will be safe. I find that really sweet.

 So if you going to see santa this year i would recommend here because Little Miss loved it and so did I :-)

Part of the display as we go in for our tea

Kids having a game of santa says

Mr Hill having a dance

Waiting for Santa to arrive

Here he is

Tea... just waiting for the sausage roll

Little Miss P Face paint

Santa's little home

 Mr Hill, Nanny, & Little miss P

The ice rink. I'm SO taking Little Miss P on this next year

A very proud Little Miss P meeting Santa

I would 100 %  take your little ones this year or the years to come.

Mrs P

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

What a week!

Crazy week

What a week it's been... crazy... first i had an planned op on my eye on Friday. Went in at 12.30pm and came out at 6.00pm. The op was 45mins and was to remove a lump from the top of my eye. It's still a bit sore but all ok. On Sunday night little miss got a temperature of 40.3c so we rang up NHS direct and got told to take her to the emergency GP at King Georges Hospital. Well, after an hour and a half of waiting it turns out she has Tonsillitis so Little Miss P is feeling sorry for herself, with the next day chilling on the sofa all day. I think Mr P is feeling a little bit left out as now as he has come down with man flu.

Ooh-arrrr..... It's a Captain's life for me!

On a good note the house is getting back to nomal after a few days of not tidying it :0(!/pages/The-life-of-Mrs-P/188097877911559