Wednesday, 7 December 2011

What a week!

Crazy week

What a week it's been... crazy... first i had an planned op on my eye on Friday. Went in at 12.30pm and came out at 6.00pm. The op was 45mins and was to remove a lump from the top of my eye. It's still a bit sore but all ok. On Sunday night little miss got a temperature of 40.3c so we rang up NHS direct and got told to take her to the emergency GP at King Georges Hospital. Well, after an hour and a half of waiting it turns out she has Tonsillitis so Little Miss P is feeling sorry for herself, with the next day chilling on the sofa all day. I think Mr P is feeling a little bit left out as now as he has come down with man flu.

Ooh-arrrr..... It's a Captain's life for me!

On a good note the house is getting back to nomal after a few days of not tidying it :0(!/pages/The-life-of-Mrs-P/188097877911559


  1. Hello Me Harty.... (ok that was bad, wasn't it?!?) sorry... ;-p

  2. Thats ok this week has been a lot better x