Monday, 16 January 2012

Peter Pan Panto

 Peter Pan Panto
@ Sir James Hawkey Hall 

Little Miss P could not wait to go and see Peter Pan. When she got to Nanny's, Tinkerbell had left a Tinkerbell fancy dress outfit behind, so as most three year olds would do, she put it on and looked so cute in it.
Little Miss P doing her best Tinkerbell poses

She was so excited with some sweets for the show. Nanny, Little Miss Henderson and I took our seats and waited... then the lights went out and Little Miss P was scared. She covered her eyes and cried so i had to take her outside for a bit to calm down. We went back in a little bit at a time and towards the end she was up dancing loving every bit of it. Can't wait to take Little Miss P to see one next year. x

Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and Little Miss P with some other kids getting in the way of the photo :0(

Tinkerbell and Little Miss P

Miss Henderson, Little Miss P & Nanny

Me, Miss Henderson & Little Miss P

Mrs P


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