Sunday, 15 January 2012

That's Christmas out the way x

Christmas has gone, i have put on weight and don't have much money left. Saying that, we all had a great Christmas, Little Miss P got so much - not from me or Mrs P but from everyone else. We spent £80 on Summer and £15 on each other as we don't have the money and have a big family to get for. We spent all together about £250 on everyone.

Now that's Christmas out the way we have to live to our means again as i really want to start my own business in the next few years (really want to do it this year but not too sure what yet). As well as that i would like to take Little Miss P to Disneyworld in 2016 when she's seven years old, but if we keep living like we do, this will never happen. So only one takeway a month, start a meal planner and save my £2 coins in a little pot.

Mrs P

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