Thursday, 2 February 2012


Mr P & Little Miss P in Butlins 


So far this year it's been good and  i have started to tick things off my 2012 plan.

  • The first thing we got sorted out was the loo. We got a quote on it and by the end of Feb the loo should be done. Woohoo no more mummy spiders coming out from the hole in the wall.
  • Trying to get 100 people on my blog - my way of getting this is just keep doing what i am doing and hope we will get there... so far i have 67 woohoo
  • Mr P has stared his new job and is enjoying it so far, but give him a year and he'll be bored :0) hehe 
  • I have been to see Cirque du Soleil on Jan 14th. It was great and if you haven't seen any of them go and see it. You will be talking about for weeks.
Not on the list
We put a new wood floor in the study... it looks so nice.
Have ordered a new moblie phone for Mr P and I. Can't wait to get a new one as mine is on its last legs.
Little Miss P's school forms are in and we will find out in April what school she got into.
Mr P's brass band won the Butilns 1st Section contest and £2,000. Very proud of the band.

Everything else i haven't done towards the list i feel a little bit bad about, but hey all i can do is more in February. Keep doing what i am doing and i hope it will all be fine and fall into place. 

Mrs P


  1. It sounds like 2012 has been a really busy year already for you! Emma :)

  2. keep working hard...and good luck too!

  3. 68 here. Numbers don't matter as long as you do what you want on your blog to please you and no one else. That's what I think anyway. Have a great weekend:)

  4. thanks everyone for your comments going to check all your blogs out now , and hope you are all having a good weekend x