Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Little Miss P's Outfit of the Week #1

Little Miss P's 

Shirt: TU (Sainsbury's)
Skirt: TU (Sainsbury's)
Tights: Primark 

Little Miss P always picks out her own outfit to wear.
So on Monday she picked this outfit - she loves her rara skirt and wants to wear it all the time... i think she did well picking the skirt and tights to go with it!

Let us know what you think of her outfit :-)

Mrs P

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Joshua's 2nd Birthday

Joshua is my nephew and on the 8th February he turned 2. He had three parties - one with his daddy's family, one at a kids' play area with his friends and one at my mum's house where all the family came over to.

Here are some photos of Joshua's 2nd Birthday weekend (starting off with one of my own daughter because I'm one of those mums that can't stop showing off their own offspring even when it's meant to be someone else's big moment)... hehe...

Joshua and his Mummy 

Mrs P

Monday, 26 March 2012

Late Night Shopping by Carmen Reid

Late Night Shopping
Carmen Reid

There are some things the man in your life doesn't need to know
The price of your delicious new handbag (....and shoes)
The fact that you've reached the limit on all your credit cards
You're planning to start a retail business of your own
(and there are 500 imported accessories in the spare room)

Then there are a few things you many have to mention:
You've booked a 'surprise!' romantic holiday to Italy
(but your relatives are coming too)
You seem to have put the house up for sale
A gorgeous Italian has fallen madly in love you

Could this be one challenge too many for Annie and Ed?

My View

I love shopping so i really wanted to read this book. And i was glad i did.
I loved this book and got right into it from the beginning - i could lose myself in it. It has great story lines from great fashion sense to amazing sex - what more could you want from a man - sorry - a book.

This is a great laugh and i will be reading more of Carmen Reid's books. It also mentions Woolworths pick & mix so that made me love it from the start. It would have been nice to know if it was an engagement ring in the small Tiffany box, but i am guessing that Carmen Reid wanted us to keep guessing! 


Sunday, 25 March 2012

Little Miss P at swimming

Little Miss P loves swimming and has a swimming lesson every Wednesday morning. 
When we turned up this week i got asked if she would like her photo taken in the pool. I wasn't sure at first but as the other mummies were doing it i said ok... and i am glad i did! She had fun doing it and the photos came out great - she looks so cute and sooo grown up. It was done by a company called Bubbles Photography and they worked well with the children, making the photo session fun for them. 

Here are some of the photos to take a look at :-) 

Mrs P

Saturday, 17 March 2012

I love Radley

 I really like Radley bags, they're just very cute and go with most things and most occasions.

This is my Radley, it's very old as you can see, but i love it :-)

Everyone tells me i need to get a new Radley bag but hey everyone i don't have money to buy a new one. i need my money to pay bills and save for my Disney holiday and all the other things my family needs. Maybe after i make my £100 on ebay and carry on selling things, then - and only then - maybe with the rest of the money i can buy a new Radley bag... but only maybe. 

 That's my little rant over. Thanks. 

Mrs P

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

38) Do a blog post every day of the week

Woohoo that's number 38 off my list! 

Well, i have done number 38 off my list (doing a blog post every day of the week)
It was a little hard to find something to write about every day. I did it tho with a little bit of old posting that i hadn't got around to putting up yet - things that happened on certain days, plus a book review.

I didn't think i would do it. I know it might not seem that hard to do, but for me it was. I always most of the time don't keep to my word and end up doing something else... so go me!
I've also put another £5 in my Disney pot :-)

Mrs P

Saturday, 3 March 2012

The List #11 Pay off my mortgage

We got a mortgage in 2007 for £219,500 on our 3 bed house in Chigwell, Essex. We paid £1,026 a month on it and bought it from Mr P's sister. That meant we didn't have to pay estate agent's fees and we also got a bit of family discount :-) We are now hoping that the house is worth about £230,000. Last year we started looking to remortgage because paying £1,026 plus all the bills doesn't leave that much at the end of the month - even saving £10 a month would help!
We had £181,000 and 25 years to pay it off.  That would make me 50 and my husband 55 years old. It would be nice to pay it off by the time i'm 35 and Mr P 40. Let's see how that goes!

After looking around at a few places this is what we went for.
We re-mortgaged the house on a 35 years so that would make Mr P 60 and me 55 by the time we pay it off. We're on a 2 year tracker and pay £758 a month and after that two years we will put it back down to 25 years to pay it off quicker, so that we're not so old when we pay the house off.
Well, that's number 11 on my list. I'll kept you updated.

love Mrs P!/pages/The-life-of-Mrs-P/188097877911559

Friday, 2 March 2012

Funny Faces

Funny Faces

We got to Summer's swimming lesson early, so instead of us getting bored i got out my camera and we started taking photos. 

This is what we came up with...

 As you can see we had a good time just being silly.

Mrs P and Little Miss P

The Flirt by Kathleen Tessaro

The Flirt
by Kathleen Tessaro

Sexy, independant Leticia Vane runs her own bespoke lingerie shop and just knows how to make a woman feel beautiful. But love is strictly off limits for Leticia. She doesn't even believe it exists.

Socialite Olivia Bourgalt du Coudray has an exquisite house in Chester Square and everything money can buy, except a happy marriage.

Luckily, handsome young Hughie Venables-Smythe is discovering a secret new profession - the timeless art of the flirt. It can save a marriage or lift a heart faster then any therapy.

Only Hughie is something of a wild card. And when provocative anonymous notes are delivered to both Olivia and Leticia, events take a delicious turn. Who is flirting with whom? And is the flirtation innocent - or can it lead to more dangerous territories of the heart?

My View
If you're after a 'pick up and read' type of book then this is it, but if you're after a bit of real-life this is not the book, with a very made up tale of what London life is really about. Some of the plot is hard is to follow in places but you get your head round it and know what's going on again.  
The characters are well-developed and easy to follow. My favourite one is Leticia Vane - very sexy and independent.


Thursday, 1 March 2012



Little Miss P playing in the snow

This month I have not been up to much and as for the list I've really been bad with it...

The List
  • Have started eBaying again to make me meet my £100 task. So far have made £22.16.
  • Have a few more followers on my blog woohoo - 74 now, thanks everyone! 

Not on the list
  • We had an victory BBQ for Mr P's band winning Butlins while it was snowing. Very cold but but a great day.
  • It was mine and the hubby's 3rd wedding anniversary so we went to the Comedy Store London, it was great.
  • It was my muumy's birthday on the 25th Feb so took her out for a meal.
  • Had lots of fun playing in the snow :-)
  • Little Miss P has started going to pre-school all day Tuesdays now.
  • Have set up a youtube page so my family can see Little Miss P growing up.