Thursday, 1 March 2012



Little Miss P playing in the snow

This month I have not been up to much and as for the list I've really been bad with it...

The List
  • Have started eBaying again to make me meet my £100 task. So far have made £22.16.
  • Have a few more followers on my blog woohoo - 74 now, thanks everyone! 

Not on the list
  • We had an victory BBQ for Mr P's band winning Butlins while it was snowing. Very cold but but a great day.
  • It was mine and the hubby's 3rd wedding anniversary so we went to the Comedy Store London, it was great.
  • It was my muumy's birthday on the 25th Feb so took her out for a meal.
  • Had lots of fun playing in the snow :-)
  • Little Miss P has started going to pre-school all day Tuesdays now.
  • Have set up a youtube page so my family can see Little Miss P growing up.

1 comment:

  1. Hope you reach your Ebay goal. Happy Belated Anniversary to you and your hubby. cool for Little Miss P getting to do all day pre school. How fun!!