Monday, 26 March 2012

Late Night Shopping by Carmen Reid

Late Night Shopping
Carmen Reid

There are some things the man in your life doesn't need to know
The price of your delicious new handbag (....and shoes)
The fact that you've reached the limit on all your credit cards
You're planning to start a retail business of your own
(and there are 500 imported accessories in the spare room)

Then there are a few things you many have to mention:
You've booked a 'surprise!' romantic holiday to Italy
(but your relatives are coming too)
You seem to have put the house up for sale
A gorgeous Italian has fallen madly in love you

Could this be one challenge too many for Annie and Ed?

My View

I love shopping so i really wanted to read this book. And i was glad i did.
I loved this book and got right into it from the beginning - i could lose myself in it. It has great story lines from great fashion sense to amazing sex - what more could you want from a man - sorry - a book.

This is a great laugh and i will be reading more of Carmen Reid's books. It also mentions Woolworths pick & mix so that made me love it from the start. It would have been nice to know if it was an engagement ring in the small Tiffany box, but i am guessing that Carmen Reid wanted us to keep guessing! 


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  1. This sounds like one I am going to have to read too!