Wednesday, 4 April 2012

2012 updated list

2012 - The Plan
This year i have written down what i need to do to get where we want, so here it is
Black still need to do, Red in progressBlue means done.

  • Mr P to get a job in head office
  • Start sorting out the loft
  • Start up redpesto
  • Get a Sunday or Saturday job
  • Get the loo done
  • Front garden sorted
  • One day a month to sit down and work on our plan
  • Then every two weeks when things get going
  • Get 100 people on my blog (so far i have 85)

Making money

  • Mr P to do more gigs
  •  up ebay again make £100 on it in 2012 (so far i have made £39.54)
  • Make £50 from a carboot sale
  • Start to make a bit of money from my blog


  • Save £30,000 for buy-to-let (that's going to take a lot longer then one year)
  • Put £500 into my Disneyland savings account (Put away about £100)
  • £2,000 in to our savings (reach £10,000 and then don't touch it - use it as a nest egg that wouldn't be used for a few years yet)
  • Pay £500 off family loan (so far payed of £160 hoping to be done by July )


  • Do a tea party where all money goes to a charity
  • Bungee jump
  • Want to make £200 for charity
The List


  1. Found you via Mummy's Little Monkey's blog hop...
    Love this list. I have hundreds of lists, but publishing one online for all to see would definitely make me more likely to actually complete some of it!

    1. Hi

      Thanks for taking a look at my blog. i always look at my list it puts me in the mood for doing thing.
      off to look at your blog now x

  2. Like you ambition - good luck with the list. I like writing lists but mine aren't as exciting as yours -perhaps I need to perfect my list writing and make it more stimulating. Enjoyed reading you blog found it through Mummy's Little Monkey.