Monday, 9 April 2012

March 2012

March 2012

The List
  • Woohoo the loo is done - it has cost a small fortune tho
  • Sold some more on ebay. Now i have made £39.54
  • Have bought a web address for the business and just have to buy some hosting pages now
  • Have 84 followers on my blog now - thanks everyone :-) 

Not on the list
  • It's been Joshua, my father-in-law & my step brother's birthdays
  • Went to two friends' houses for a meal, thank your Mrs H Brown & Mr M Brown and Mr A McKay & Mrs L McKay-to-be
  • Mr P has won a brass band contest in Stevenage... well done guys
  • Little Miss P had a swimming photo shoot and she loved it (this cost a small fortune too) 
Mrs P

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  1. March was so successful for you. Congrats. You got so much done and accomplished. Awesome.