Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Mr P

This is Mr P, my hubby, my Rock

I would be lost without him and i hope he would be a little lost without me too. We met when we worked together in Woolies, when i was 16 and Mr P was 21. We were both seeing other people at the time then ended it with our partners and got together.

Now we have been married for 3 years with our little girl. I'm not saying that our marriage is the best and that we get along all the time - we have our ups and down like everyone else, we just work through it and the three of us work as a little team to make sure we're all happy.

Facts about Mr P

Born 21st September (Virgo)

He has Green eyes with a hint of Grey

Blonde hair

Mr P works for a card company in their head office as Retail Support Manager. He enjoys his job most of time!

He has 2 older sisters, one with six kids and the other one with two kids

He is a part time musician but originally wanted to do it full time if the sums added up

Can be a perfectionist

Doesn't like being told he's wrong 

Mrs P