Sunday, 22 April 2012

My time in woolworts.

 This is my old store in Manford Way, Chigwell. I loved my time at Woolies - it was a good place to work until the end and we had a crap team - the old team was always the best. Giving a shout out to all the people I enjoyed working with: Ewan, Hayley, Kerry, Dave, Gareth, Andy, Jodie, Hall, Shuf, Paul.d, Paul.k, Paul.e, Maddy, Sandra, Jackie, Hazel, Laurence, George & Dan... sorry if i have forgotten anyone.

From left to right...
John, me, Dan, Gareth, Mr P, Jodie, Hall

I started working for Woolies when i was 16, as i got the job from when I did work experience at school. When i was 16 I had the job waiting for me and started working on Sunday on the till or just filling the shelves. Then it was Sat & Sun doing the same thing, and when i finished college I worked during the week. I went from a sales assistant to an STL, then training AM, before i fell pregnant and the company went bust. It was a sad time with it going as it holds so many memories for me. 

I still meet up with a few of the Woolies lot, down the pub for drinks and see what we're all up to. Dave works in a primary school now, Hayley works in an office up London, Jodie in an office as well, Kerry - not 100% sure what he does (but some sort of security thing) - and me a housemummy. Our lives have all gone different ways but we still remain mates. 

Best things that happened in Woolies: 

  • It's where i met Mr P and now we have our little Woolies baby 
  • Kerry met Hayley and have been going out for a few years 
  • Made some good mates 
  • Never forget the night fill (it was a lot of fun) 
  • And i enjoyed myself
  • My nephew set up 'Save Woolworths' for us on facebook, that became well known online and in the papers. 


Mrs P 

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