Sunday, 20 May 2012

Ebay : Well on the way

My ebay bag 

I am well on the way with ebay, starting off at £0 and finding things around the house to sell. I did it with some Soap & Glory things and old Xmas presents that have never been used and are still in the box, as well as some of Little Miss P's old clothes that i don't need anymore. It's a great way to have a clear out and make some money.

So to date i have made £62.13 :-)

Within that i have taken out the money for postage, brown paper and tape, so i think i have done well.
Only £37.87 to go to hit my target of £100, woohoo!!

Mrs P

Wednesday, 2 May 2012



Little Miss P playing with her cousin Little Master W

The list
  • went to my first trade fair, i really liked it and got lots of ideas
  • website is on the way and hoping to have it up by 1st June
  • Sold more on Ebay - now at £62.13 and past halfway to my £100 target 
  • Now have (92) followers on my blog
  • we have done the loft floor, now in the process of sorting all the junk out and putting it all   back in the loft     

Not on the list
  • went to see cbeebies live at Wembley Arena, it was great
  • it's been Ellie's birthday
  • Had an Easter party at the Woolfalls' house 
  • Mr P is now the chairman at his brass band 
  • Little Miss P got into her first choice school - i am so happy for her :-)

Mrs P