Saturday, 30 June 2012

Slepping Arrangements by Sophie Kinsella

Sleeping Arrangements 
by Sophie Kinsella 
writing as Madeleine Wickham

Chloe needs a holiday, she's sick of making wedding dresses and her partner is having trouble at work. Her wealthy friend Gerard has offered the loan of his Luxury Villa in Spain - perfect.

Hugh is not a happy man. His immaculate wife seems more interested in the granite for the new kitchen than in him, and he works so hard to pay for it all, he barely has time to see their children. But his old schoolfriend Gerard has lent them a luxury villa in Spain - perfect.

Both families arrive at the villa and get a shock: Gerard has double booked. An uneasy week of sharing begins, and tensions soon mount in the soaring heat. But there's also a secret history between the families - and as tempers fray an old passion begins to resurface....

My View

Great easy holiday read where you can pick it up and put it down and still know what's going on. There are some great laugh out loud moments with the 'oohs' to add with lots of what will happen next. It has some great twists in it.


Friday, 29 June 2012

What makes you happy ?

This is a bit of a weird blog post for me, but a member of my family has been going through some hard times and she's not happy, so it got me thinking about what makes me happy & what i could do to get myself out of an unhappy place if i was in one. So i took some time and wrote down a few things that turn me from a bad mood to a good mood. This is what i came up with... 

Reading a good book 

Seeing my daughter with a big happy smile on her face

Knowing that my family are happy 

Doing something that i never knew i could 

Sitting in the sun watching the world go by 

Walking in the rain

So what makes you happy?

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Little Miss P's Outfit of the Week #2

Little Miss P's
Outfit of the Week #2 

This is the cute dress we got from BHS for little Miss P to wear to Andy and Leesa's wedding on 
the 19th May 2012. We were very lucky that it didn't rain. Mr P picked this for her as he found it so sweet and i have to say it's a really good dress and it will still fit her for next year.

I was very surprised by the range in BHS as i don't shop in there that much but i have to say i loved the children's range & shoes.
I will be going to BHS more often now to shop for Little Miss P.

Mrs P

Monday, 4 June 2012

May ...


My mad little family 

Haven't done much this month, feel really bad for 
that but the sun is shining and i am enjoying that.

The list
  • Have made £76.18 on ebay
  • Have 92 people on my blog 
Not on the list
  • Am back at college again for 10 weeks 
  • Went to Andy and Leesa's wedding and what a great day it was!