Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Little Miss P's Outfit of the Week #2

Little Miss P's
Outfit of the Week #2 

This is the cute dress we got from BHS for little Miss P to wear to Andy and Leesa's wedding on 
the 19th May 2012. We were very lucky that it didn't rain. Mr P picked this for her as he found it so sweet and i have to say it's a really good dress and it will still fit her for next year.

I was very surprised by the range in BHS as i don't shop in there that much but i have to say i loved the children's range & shoes.
I will be going to BHS more often now to shop for Little Miss P.

Mrs P


  1. Cute outfit! New follower GFC. Love for you to follow back when you get a chance ;)


  2. Thanks for Following me i am now your new follower

  3. Very cute, I've been doing this for some time too, my monster loves clothes and picking them out herself. (You found me from blow your own blog horn and I tracked you back! :D)

  4. What a lovely dress! I like nothing better than shopping for clothes for my 6 year old girl and it's surprising how many shops sell lovely clothes. The only problem is, now she's 6, she's out of the 'little girl' clothes in many shops, which makes me a bit sad!
    Found you on Clairejustine's blog hop BTW.

  5. Awww bless, lovely dress. Found you via Clairejustines blog hop x