Sunday, 1 July 2012

Life is a Game of Luck

Life is a Game of Luck 

Ok well only some of it is, life is what you make it. If you sit on your bum all day you're going to get nowhere in life, but if you take that bum of yours and take a walk you might just end up with an idea that could change the world. Or maybe it'll just change a bit, whether it's making money or helping an old person cross the road, it's what makes the world go round. So i hear you say 'What are you doing to make the world go round?'. Well, I have got off my bum kind of to write this post, i was a shoulder to cry on for my friend, and made a cake for my old next door neighbor.

I need to learn to listen to myself and do more of this. So that's why i have done this blog post, to try and put it in my brain more and for me to do what i say, dipping my toe in the water and doing the odd little thing at a time does make the world go round.

Mrs P

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