Thursday, 27 September 2012

Time for me - Week 1

Now that Miss P is at school I have time to myself, so i have written a little list of things that i need to do (so i don't sit around on my bum all day!).

Week one 

1) two blog posts 
2) put four things on ebay 
3) order a table off
4) look into HMRC more 
5) go and post 2 things at the Post Office 

OK, i know it's not much, but at least it's a start .

I got around to doing

x2 blog posts done 
have put x4 on ebay 
ordered the table - should be here by next week (i hope so anyway)
and have been to the Post Office 

Just need to look into HMRC now :-) 

Mrs P

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Day in London Town

Day in London 
Little Miss P, Me & Mr P 

 It was a hot day and planned a little family day out in London. We jumped on a train and headed to Royal Victoria via Stratford to meet my Mum and Nanna. We had planned to go on the Emirates Air Line and what a day we picked! The weather was hot, the sky was clear so we could see for miles! When we got to the cable cars we went straight on - the views so great & all that I can say is Wow! And that you have to do it, when it's a clear day... 

 My Nanna and Mum 

The views from the cars 

After our fun on the cable cars we headed to Starbucks at the o2 for a bit of lunch and a drink. 
We were going to jump on the train to get to Parkers the music shop on the other side of London,
but as it was a nice hot day we took a boat ride to London Bridge and had look in the shops.  Then after a 10 min walk we got to Parkers so Mr P could pick up his mute for his cornet. It was a cute little shop - so small but it had what he wanted, so all good. 
After that we were all tired and headed to our little home. 

Mrs P 

Monday, 17 September 2012

Marry For Money by Chris Manby

Marrying for Money 
Chris Manby 

In Little Elbow, hunting ground of the rich and famous, size does count - the size of a man's bank balance, that is. And the Grosvenor sisters will do anything to get their hands on a big one. But when faced with the choice between a wall street trader addicted to his mobile, a software tycoon with no social skills, and a poor but handsome handyman, Grace and Charity Grosvenor soon learn that if you want to marry for money, you have to work for every penny.....

My View 

This book is great. When i first saw it i didn't think i would be good but it was. I couldn't put it down once i got started. It's a very girly book with some very funny parts to it. We all dream of money and the life it brings and this book can give you the insight into both worlds.


Sunday, 16 September 2012

I need to sort it out.

 Please note: I did this post back in March... I've just been brave enough to put it up now.

 At the start of the year i said to myself that i need a change, and do what i said i am going to do, 
but i haven't. It's March and i haven't really done anything at all other then sit on my bum looking after my daughter, keeping the hubby happy and looking after the house. I am soooo bored of this now - the same thing every single day: wake up, take daughter to school, swimming, dancing, go home, cook, wash clothes, washing up, lunch, dinner, then bed. That's about all the fun i get, it can be a lonely world just having a three year old to talk to or just the four walls.
And then the hubby gets home so we can talk for 2 hours or so then but it's about the same thing, how's your day been, any gossip from work... and that's really it. 

Some of you might say why don't you go back to work, why don't you go out and make some new friends. 
Well with the work it would cost more money to get someone to look after Little Miss P than I'd get from going out to work, and the new friends bit? I don't even know where to start...   

I not sure why I am feeling like this now. Maybe i am just having a really crap week, but i need to get out of the rant because if i don't i might just lose my mind - the little i have left of it anyway.

 Bad mood 
Mrs P 

Saturday, 15 September 2012

First day at school

Little Miss P's first day at school

It was Little Miss P's first day at school on Thursday. I am so proud of her in her uniform - she didn't even cry and I couldn't have asked for her to be any better.

Now what am i going to do with myself while Little Miss P is off having fun and learning?!

Well i will keep you updated on Summer and my progress.

Mrs P 

Thursday, 6 September 2012

A year today

A year ago today and this is what I posted 

it was Tuesday Ten post
 I did really enjoy doing it and thinking about what i wanted so here the link for you check up on what I did a year ago 

Mrs P 

Monday, 3 September 2012



Little Miss P at the beach with daddy 

As it's been school hols i haven't been up to much, just having lots of fun with family.

The List 
  • So far from the whole year I've made £137.66 on ebay 
  • Have 109 on this blog thank you everyone :-) 

Not on the list
  • Been Little Miss P and my birthdays
  • Went to Legoland for Little Miss P's birthday
  • Met up with two good friends

Mrs P 

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Ebay time again

Ebay again 

So i have put more things on ebay over the bank holiday and some of them are doing quite well. 

Here are a few of them...

x4 Small Tupperware pots brand new in box

 You can get these in the shop for £10 but on my ebay you can by them for £3... here's the link 

If you're getting ready for winter here are some cute snowboots from Next
I'm selling them for £10

Well that's my little ebay update 

Mrs P