Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Day in London Town

Day in London 
Little Miss P, Me & Mr P 

 It was a hot day and planned a little family day out in London. We jumped on a train and headed to Royal Victoria via Stratford to meet my Mum and Nanna. We had planned to go on the Emirates Air Line and what a day we picked! The weather was hot, the sky was clear so we could see for miles! When we got to the cable cars we went straight on - the views so great & all that I can say is Wow! And that you have to do it, when it's a clear day... 

 My Nanna and Mum 

The views from the cars 

After our fun on the cable cars we headed to Starbucks at the o2 for a bit of lunch and a drink. 
We were going to jump on the train to get to Parkers the music shop on the other side of London,
but as it was a nice hot day we took a boat ride to London Bridge and had look in the shops.  Then after a 10 min walk we got to Parkers so Mr P could pick up his mute for his cornet. It was a cute little shop - so small but it had what he wanted, so all good. 
After that we were all tired and headed to our little home. 

Mrs P 


  1. What stunning pictures! Sounds like a lovely day. I found you on Blow Your Own Bloghorn BTW.

  2. Wow beautiful!!! Looks like you all had a great day!!!