Sunday, 16 September 2012

I need to sort it out.

 Please note: I did this post back in March... I've just been brave enough to put it up now.

 At the start of the year i said to myself that i need a change, and do what i said i am going to do, 
but i haven't. It's March and i haven't really done anything at all other then sit on my bum looking after my daughter, keeping the hubby happy and looking after the house. I am soooo bored of this now - the same thing every single day: wake up, take daughter to school, swimming, dancing, go home, cook, wash clothes, washing up, lunch, dinner, then bed. That's about all the fun i get, it can be a lonely world just having a three year old to talk to or just the four walls.
And then the hubby gets home so we can talk for 2 hours or so then but it's about the same thing, how's your day been, any gossip from work... and that's really it. 

Some of you might say why don't you go back to work, why don't you go out and make some new friends. 
Well with the work it would cost more money to get someone to look after Little Miss P than I'd get from going out to work, and the new friends bit? I don't even know where to start...   

I not sure why I am feeling like this now. Maybe i am just having a really crap week, but i need to get out of the rant because if i don't i might just lose my mind - the little i have left of it anyway.

 Bad mood 
Mrs P 


  1. I know exactly how you feel! and often have days like this myself. Working isnt really an option for me either with 2 under 2.
    People think making friends is so easy when you're a parent, but parenting is so compettitive it's next to impossible to make real friends.
    All I can suggest is to force yourself to try something new, something for yourself.
    I've recently started playing the piano. Its something I can do weekly for myself.

  2. Thanks it made me feel better knowing that i am not the only one, i just have to find my hobby that i can do for my self now x

  3. So sorry you feel that way! Have you tried a moms group? Good luck! Found you on the Weekend blog hop