Monday, 17 September 2012

Marry For Money by Chris Manby

Marrying for Money 
Chris Manby 

In Little Elbow, hunting ground of the rich and famous, size does count - the size of a man's bank balance, that is. And the Grosvenor sisters will do anything to get their hands on a big one. But when faced with the choice between a wall street trader addicted to his mobile, a software tycoon with no social skills, and a poor but handsome handyman, Grace and Charity Grosvenor soon learn that if you want to marry for money, you have to work for every penny.....

My View 

This book is great. When i first saw it i didn't think i would be good but it was. I couldn't put it down once i got started. It's a very girly book with some very funny parts to it. We all dream of money and the life it brings and this book can give you the insight into both worlds.


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