Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Silly Mummy

My lovely mummy has been going to the gym and slimming world and has lost so much weight... she's doing so well!
But the other day she was at the gym doing her normal aqua aerobics, when 'pop!' went a ligament in her calf as she tore it.
She's been wobbling around on it for the last few days and hasn't been able to go into work as it hurts her too much.
One thing about my mummy is when you tell her to take it easy she doesn't listen and always wants to do things even if it's cleaning the kitchen! She never stops, but doing this to her calf she has to listen to what the doctor said and rest her leg. That means no cleaning the kitchen - it means watch boring daytime telly!

Get better soon mummy and hope your leg starts to feel better.

Mrs P 

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Marble Run Fun

Marble Run Fun 

Little Miss P got a marble run game as her birthday gift from Nanna and Grandad Parker.
I did try and put it together with Little Miss P first but she kept getting in the way so I stopped and we waited until the weekend for Mr P to help us. It was definately a daddy job this one - it didn't take him that long to put it together, even with Little Miss P in the way all the time.
It was a great father and daughter moment, just half an hour of the two of them playing with it.
Little Miss P loves it, and so does Mr P... not sure hows loves it more! 

The sad thing about it that it takes a bit of room, so after half an hour of playing it we have to take it apart again and put it all back in the box! 

Yes, we took a video of it  

Little Miss P showing it off

It's a lot of fun 

Mrs P 

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Why i stared this blog.

I started this blog to get my feelings down and put what i was thinking. I had a lot going in in my head and didn't really know how cope that well at being a new mum. It's weird when you bring a new born baby home for the first time - everyone is running around you and the new born doing everything they can to help. Then it's like people get bored and it's just you and the baby on your own. My hubby was around but he had to go to work and get the money in - for me it was just all about the my daughter. Looking back now it felt like i lost a bit of me. I didn't really know who I was any more. I was always planning to go back to work part time after the birth of Little Miss P, but that didn't happen due to Woolworths going under.

I am still trying to find myself a bit and get back into the job market. I think when you have a baby people need to tell you what's its like with the up and the downs.

I still love doing my blog and reading other people's blogs :-)

Mrs P

Monday, 15 October 2012

School prom (Shoes)

These little ladies are the oldest shoes I have. I got them when i was 16 years old for my school prom in year 11, when i was a pretty size 8 looking very slim. The only thing I had to worry about was what I looked like  and whether I was going to dance with any cute guys (even though they where not many cute guys in my year - that's something to talk about on another post!). I have always loved butterflies so these were the perfect shoes to go with my black dress, even though i think they are bees on them, but in the dark i could say their butterflies.

I got them from Oasis for about £25 i think and at the time i thought that was a lot of money for shoes (I sound old when i say that!). I think my nanna bought them for me, but I'm not sure tho. I still love them to this day, I just don't wear them that much anymore.

Here are some photos of them...

Mrs P 

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Sunday, 14 October 2012

What I have been up to

Hello jelly tots!

 How have all you been?

Well, with Little Miss P at school full time i have been trying to get into the swing of my time i have at home to myself now, as well as getting things ticked off the list. So far i have to say i think i am doing ok. 

I try and do at least one thing a day that will my family's goals in life. They might only be small things like sending an email, filling out an application form for a job, booking a holiday :), etc. etc. etc., but all the small things do add up... well I hope so anyway.    

Also this week I have put a few more things on ebay to sell:  

disney trumpette seven dwarfs baby socks.ideal gift.7prs.new.0-12
 BUY NOW £6.00

DISNEY Baby Trumpette MICKEY MOUSE 6 Pack Multicoloured Socks Gift Box Set 0-12m
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These are only two of the things - there's much more on ebay...  it's only to make a bit of money to play with or put towards the things we want in life. 

Here's to doing more with life and working towards out family goals. 

Mrs P




Friday, 5 October 2012

School Update

The school update

Little Miss P is into week four of school this week and is now full time.
After finding it hard to fit in, she has now made some new friends and is enjoying school.
She has learnt a bit in school and now knows all of the alphabet.
At the moment I have a few doubts about sending her there - so far she has:
1) wet herself two times and no-one even noticed;
2) missed her class name being called for lunch and only got time to eat her sandwiches;
3) got missed out when they where counting the kids in the class ready to come in for lunch;
4) found that with 30 kids in the class, if you not naughtey or loud you will be ignored!

So my plan is to save £9,000 this year to send her to private school next year!

Here's to hoping things improve...

Mrs P

Wednesday, 3 October 2012



On the list 
  • Made £240 on ebay 
  • Have 109 on the blog 
  • Done my first shopping event and made £30 (well, at least it's a start!)

Not on the list 
  • Little Miss P started school 
  • It's been my sister's, Mr P's, Auntie Fairbrass', and Cousin Fairbrass' birthdays
  • Been on the cable car across the Thames
  • Miss Crooks and Mr Allen had a little Baby boy 23/09/2012 
Mrs P