Sunday, 28 October 2012

Marble Run Fun

Marble Run Fun 

Little Miss P got a marble run game as her birthday gift from Nanna and Grandad Parker.
I did try and put it together with Little Miss P first but she kept getting in the way so I stopped and we waited until the weekend for Mr P to help us. It was definately a daddy job this one - it didn't take him that long to put it together, even with Little Miss P in the way all the time.
It was a great father and daughter moment, just half an hour of the two of them playing with it.
Little Miss P loves it, and so does Mr P... not sure hows loves it more! 

The sad thing about it that it takes a bit of room, so after half an hour of playing it we have to take it apart again and put it all back in the box! 

Yes, we took a video of it  

Little Miss P showing it off

It's a lot of fun 

Mrs P 

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