Monday, 15 October 2012

School prom (Shoes)

These little ladies are the oldest shoes I have. I got them when i was 16 years old for my school prom in year 11, when i was a pretty size 8 looking very slim. The only thing I had to worry about was what I looked like  and whether I was going to dance with any cute guys (even though they where not many cute guys in my year - that's something to talk about on another post!). I have always loved butterflies so these were the perfect shoes to go with my black dress, even though i think they are bees on them, but in the dark i could say their butterflies.

I got them from Oasis for about £25 i think and at the time i thought that was a lot of money for shoes (I sound old when i say that!). I think my nanna bought them for me, but I'm not sure tho. I still love them to this day, I just don't wear them that much anymore.

Here are some photos of them...

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  1. Fun post and the shoes are still very stylish ~ classic! ~ Good taste ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^