Friday, 5 October 2012

School Update

The school update

Little Miss P is into week four of school this week and is now full time.
After finding it hard to fit in, she has now made some new friends and is enjoying school.
She has learnt a bit in school and now knows all of the alphabet.
At the moment I have a few doubts about sending her there - so far she has:
1) wet herself two times and no-one even noticed;
2) missed her class name being called for lunch and only got time to eat her sandwiches;
3) got missed out when they where counting the kids in the class ready to come in for lunch;
4) found that with 30 kids in the class, if you not naughtey or loud you will be ignored!

So my plan is to save £9,000 this year to send her to private school next year!

Here's to hoping things improve...

Mrs P


  1. That's awful!!

    In four weeks... that's a heck of a lot to go wrong. Email a complaint if you're too scared to speak up (I'm horrible at any form of things like that). Though I've emailed my sons schools complaints and never even had a reply you may fare better.

    That's really not on though - what if she'd missed lunch all together!? What if they miscounted the kids for something else... like a school trip and one kid was left somewhere? a park?

    Needs addressed for sure...

  2. oh my goodness she wet herself and no one noticed !? that's awful. sounds like they are really unorganised. i've also got a goal to send my daughter to private school, but not until she's in secondary school. i just couldn't afford it before then but it's my aim. poor thing, maybe there are some better state schools around she could switch to?