Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Silly Mummy

My lovely mummy has been going to the gym and slimming world and has lost so much weight... she's doing so well!
But the other day she was at the gym doing her normal aqua aerobics, when 'pop!' went a ligament in her calf as she tore it.
She's been wobbling around on it for the last few days and hasn't been able to go into work as it hurts her too much.
One thing about my mummy is when you tell her to take it easy she doesn't listen and always wants to do things even if it's cleaning the kitchen! She never stops, but doing this to her calf she has to listen to what the doctor said and rest her leg. That means no cleaning the kitchen - it means watch boring daytime telly!

Get better soon mummy and hope your leg starts to feel better.

Mrs P 

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