Sunday, 14 October 2012

What I have been up to

Hello jelly tots!

 How have all you been?

Well, with Little Miss P at school full time i have been trying to get into the swing of my time i have at home to myself now, as well as getting things ticked off the list. So far i have to say i think i am doing ok. 

I try and do at least one thing a day that will my family's goals in life. They might only be small things like sending an email, filling out an application form for a job, booking a holiday :), etc. etc. etc., but all the small things do add up... well I hope so anyway.    

Also this week I have put a few more things on ebay to sell:  

disney trumpette seven dwarfs baby socks.ideal
 BUY NOW £6.00

DISNEY Baby Trumpette MICKEY MOUSE 6 Pack Multicoloured Socks Gift Box Set 0-12m
 BUY NOW £5.00

These are only two of the things - there's much more on ebay...  it's only to make a bit of money to play with or put towards the things we want in life. 

Here's to doing more with life and working towards out family goals. 

Mrs P




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  1. Wow! I think I like the idea of doing one thing each day to help meet my family's goal. Thanks for sharing, visiting from the weekend hop. Have a super blessed day!