Saturday, 24 November 2012

Going to be a Auntie Again...

Mum and Dad to be 

Yes, my lovely big sister Miss Flack is going to have a baby! She's about 12 weeks gone.
She's feeling sick, bloated and fat with bigger boobs.

She already has a daughter called Miss Henderson and she's 12 years old. It's a big gap between them, but on the plus side of having a big age gap is that Miss Henderson can babysit for them when she's a bit older!

Everyone's so excited, as she had an ectopic about 6 years ago and has been very worried that it might happen again. But after the scan she's a lot happier as the baby is doing fine & growing good.

They have names already. If it's a boy it'll be called Harry and Jessica for a girl. It's due on the 9th June.
I think she's going to have girl, but she thinks it's going to be a boy... we'll have to wait and see.

I will keep you updated and let you know the sex when i do.

My step sister's family with a little one missing as it's not born yet 

Mrs P

Friday, 23 November 2012

Spent a bit too much money

I spent way too much money the other day in Clintons on lots of little things and things that i didn't really need. But it was 20% off and as the hubby works for them we got another 40% off, so we got everything half price.

The first thing i picked up was this cute Tinkerbell on a flower... it's a part of the Disney Traditions range, she's soo cute I just had to have her! 

Next up was another Disney Tradition but this time it's Pinocchio. He stays in our front room, and when people come over he's a talking point... everyone loves him. 

And I couldn't miss the Yankee Candles, I love my candles and I only get Yankees when their on offer as it's a lot of money otherwise, so I stock up a bit. My favourite one is Vanilla Cupcake. Might have to get another one to put away. 

I also got other things like xmas wrap and xmas cards, and a gift for Mr P's mum and dad.

Even though we spent a lot of money, we got money off and I will use them. Some of the candles will go in a cupboard for when I run out of the other ones and some I will use now.

What has everyone else bought this week?

Mrs P

Monday, 19 November 2012

Is on the ball this Christmas


This Christmas I am on the ball. I have already written out my Christams cards, now waiting to post and hand them out from the 1st December.
Have half of the pressies already, all wrapped and waiting to be given out
and still have some for next year... woohoo!

Cute Xmas cards from Clintons

Got the first of the family meet ups on the 22nd December with my family.  Then off on a little hoilday, just the three of us... oh yes, I can't wait, then off to Mr P's family do on the 29th.  It's going to be so fun.

This is just a quick update and not really sure what else to write about at the moment.
Just need to find some things to keep blogging up. I am sure I will.

Mrs P

Thursday, 15 November 2012

My 99p store buys

I don't really go into 99p stores, not because i am posh or i will never been seen in them, it's just always so busy and I hate busy shops. I just hate being hot, people pushing me out the way to get things, running over my foot with a shopping trolley. I just don't see the fun in it. 

But my lovely sister, Miss Henderson, made me go in there, and it wasn't too bad. It was very busy still, but i got some great bargains... 


 Disney tin with cookies in for my little nieces and nephews

Christmas paint set thing for Little Miss P

Don't they all look so cute and fun - you could spend so much money in there, but as i was getting the bus i only had a bag full.
Might go back and get some more candles just to put away for when i need them and at 99p why wouldn't you!

What bargains have you picked up recently?
Let me know :-)

Mrs P 

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Little Miss P has a big girl's bed

Little Miss P is now a big girl in her big girl's bed. She was getting way too long for her cotbed so we had to give in and get her a new one. Lucky for us, one of Mr P's friends from work had a bed at her mum's house that she needed to get rid of so her parents had that room back for them. And now that her daughter is 18 i don't think she needs a bed like this! So she asked us and we said yes please. She didn't want any money for it but we are giving going to give her £50 for it. It has saved us so much money getting a second hand one and it does just as well as a brand new one.

We still need to get one thing for it and that's a mattress. For now she's using her one from her cotbed until her new one comes (we still need to order it).

To make it more of a princess bed like she asked for, we have put a cute thing on it and Little Miss loves it - it's great as it's from Ikea, so it was cheap as well. We had to pop to Tesco to pick up new duvet, duvet cover, pillow cases, fitted sheets, and that came to less then we expected as it was 20% off homeware that weekend and we didn't know about until we got to the till and paid, so we had even more bargains! :-) 

From this 

To this 

Mrs P

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Little Miss P's Outfit of the Week #3

Little Miss P's 
Outfit of the Week #3

A cozy winter outfit for playing indoors or going for a walk in the forest, she wore this at my nanna's house. 

This cute little pink jumper is nice and thick from Next. I got it last year in the sale
 for about £6.99 and the cute jogging bottoms came from Tesco, where I got a pack of three for about £12.00.

Let us know what you think?

Mrs P

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Weekend seeing the family

Last weekend we went up to Peterborough to see some of the family.

But it wasn't the morning i was expecting, with Little Miss P drawing on the wall in front room, then Mr P cutting his hand on some glass... and it was only 9.30am.

But the day did get better, that i am very glad about.

We went up on Saturday at about 11.00am. First we went to the Woolfall's house
for a bit of lunch and so that Little Miss P could play with her cousins or her 'friends' as she calls me.
Mrs Woolfall showed me how to make short bread, because every time i try it falls apart or burns.

Also i have asked her to teach me how to crochet, as it is on my list of things to do. That didn't go too well as i found it really hard. She did say it takes time to learn it, so when little Miss P is back at school i have to get practicing it. We had a little lunch with them and then met up the in-laws for a nice big dinner. I had a yummy BBQ chicken with chips and corn on the cob, very yummy it was. That night we stayed at the in-laws' house, so we could go and see my Nanna on Sunday as she only lives about 30mins away. It was great the way we played it, as we didn't feel rushed to see everyone.

The Woolfalls

 The boys playing on the Wii

The girls crocheting

Mrs P

Friday, 2 November 2012



Little Miss P with her gift on from Auntie Woolfall

On the list
  • Made £258.49 so far on ebay
  • Have 112 on this blog... thank you very much!
  • Looking into what i can do to make money for chairty 

Not on the list
  • Booked our family holiday (can't wait)... you will all soon find out where to soon!
  • Seen the Woolfalls, in-laws & Nanna Overton
  • Little Miss P had a week off school, so been doing lots of fun things