Sunday, 11 November 2012

Little Miss P has a big girl's bed

Little Miss P is now a big girl in her big girl's bed. She was getting way too long for her cotbed so we had to give in and get her a new one. Lucky for us, one of Mr P's friends from work had a bed at her mum's house that she needed to get rid of so her parents had that room back for them. And now that her daughter is 18 i don't think she needs a bed like this! So she asked us and we said yes please. She didn't want any money for it but we are giving going to give her £50 for it. It has saved us so much money getting a second hand one and it does just as well as a brand new one.

We still need to get one thing for it and that's a mattress. For now she's using her one from her cotbed until her new one comes (we still need to order it).

To make it more of a princess bed like she asked for, we have put a cute thing on it and Little Miss loves it - it's great as it's from Ikea, so it was cheap as well. We had to pop to Tesco to pick up new duvet, duvet cover, pillow cases, fitted sheets, and that came to less then we expected as it was 20% off homeware that weekend and we didn't know about until we got to the till and paid, so we had even more bargains! :-) 

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