Friday, 23 November 2012

Spent a bit too much money

I spent way too much money the other day in Clintons on lots of little things and things that i didn't really need. But it was 20% off and as the hubby works for them we got another 40% off, so we got everything half price.

The first thing i picked up was this cute Tinkerbell on a flower... it's a part of the Disney Traditions range, she's soo cute I just had to have her! 

Next up was another Disney Tradition but this time it's Pinocchio. He stays in our front room, and when people come over he's a talking point... everyone loves him. 

And I couldn't miss the Yankee Candles, I love my candles and I only get Yankees when their on offer as it's a lot of money otherwise, so I stock up a bit. My favourite one is Vanilla Cupcake. Might have to get another one to put away. 

I also got other things like xmas wrap and xmas cards, and a gift for Mr P's mum and dad.

Even though we spent a lot of money, we got money off and I will use them. Some of the candles will go in a cupboard for when I run out of the other ones and some I will use now.

What has everyone else bought this week?

Mrs P

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