Monday, 31 December 2012



So 2012 has been an weird one. Mr P, Little Miss P and I had an ok year but everyone else around us seems to have had a bit of a messed up year.  That seems to have affected us.
1st One of my sisters having trouble with her husband seeing someone else and now on the path of divorce.
2nd We had the older Allen staying with us for a bit as he got his girlfriend with baby, so he needed to save some money. Then we had her move in with us for a bit, until they found a flat, which they did and had a very handsome little baby boy. 
 3rd My mum has been made redundant, and is now looking for another job.

The good things that happened in 2012 
1st We went to Disneyland Paris at Christmas... we had a good time
2nd We are all still alive - sorry 12.12.12 
3rd We got the loo done in the house... woohoo!

As you can see not much happened. Let's hope for a better 2013 with lots more fun and not so much drama and carrier bags.

Mrs P

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