Thursday, 13 December 2012

Winter Wonderland at Center Parcs ( Part one )

Winter Wonderland 

My mum and stepdad took all the family to Center Parcs for the weekend. We normally go to Center Parcs, but we have never been at Christmas. Mr P couldn't make it as he had a show to do, so on Friday after we picked Little Miss P up from school we went. My stepdad drove us with Miss Henderson. It doesn't take long to get there, about an 1 hour and a half. 

As soon as we got there we went to get the bikes, even though we didn't use them much as it was really icy! Little Miss P couldn't wait to have fun with her cousins as you can see in the photo below... she was happy & cold little girl.

On the day we got there we went to the Pancake house, it's so yummy, I love it! I have the same everytime  - a hawaiian, it's like a pizza but a lot nicer and very filling.  

My stepdad had this one. I had to take a photo of this as it looks great. Not sure what it was but it had ice cream, so it had to be nice. 

After that we went to see our little house for the next few days and to get ready for badminton and roller skating. Little Miss P had a go at roller skating, but we're not doing that again for the next few years as she really hurt my back by holding her up. But i think she had fun.

 The holiday was a lot more hard work then it needed to be with little Mr Hill being there, as he is a nutter and just runs around all over the place, so I am glad that most food places had a children's play area. Little Miss P had a great time in them too.

Little Miss P and Mr Hill had a great time in Center Parcs together. In the villa watching the animals run past and we even had a squirral run into the villa to take some food, that I found very funny. Shame I didn't have my camera to hand to get a photo.

That night we had a little party in the villa with playing music and jumping on the bed. I even had some fun jumping on the bed and i didn't break it, woohoo! 

That's it for part one as I have lots more photos, so come and join me again for part two.

Mrs P

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